What is data sharing?

Adding a Data Share SIM offers some great benefits. For example, it will help you get the most out of your mobile data allowance by sharing it between your smartphone and SIM-ready devices. But you’ll also enjoy the simplicity of having your data allowance on a single bill with mobile alerts to help you stay on top of your data usage.



Take up an eligible Mobile Accelerate Plan or Mobile Accelerate BYO Plan.



Enable Data Sharing by adding up to 5 month-to-month Data Share SIMs.



If you want to share even more data, just add a Data Pack.

Why data sharing?


Enjoy your devices more

Get more out of your mobile data allowance by sharing it across multiple devices.


Only get the one bill

Enjoy the simplicity of having your data allowance on one single bill.


Track your data

Stay in control by seeing which device is using your data and how much.




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Our Data Share plans have been designed so you can reap the benefits of sharing your mobile data allowance between multiple SIM-ready devices on the same account.

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Data Share Plans are a smart way to get the most out of your data
Anna from Telstra tells us more about Telstra's Data Share Packages

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Things you need to know

You must have SIM-ready, compatible mobile devices to qualify for Mobile Accelerate Data Share Plans.
Your included allowance and Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited MMS, Unlimited Video Messages, Unlimited Nights and Unlimited Weekends excludes some usage, such as calls/text/MMS to premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), 1234, 12455, 14256 numbers, to some satellite numbers, content charges and use while overseas. unused allowances expire monthly. Excess data usage for us in Australia is 3c/MB. For new connections from 21/12/13, the total of your minimum monthly fee (excluding any Device Payment Contract or Device Plan Discount amount) and charges for eligible calls over your included talk/SMS/MMS allowance will not exceed $130 per month. You can share your included data allowance between the Mobile Accelerate Data Share Plan and up to five Mobile Accelerate Data Share SIM Plans on the same account. You cannot use the Data Share SIM Plan in a mobile handset. You will need to pay a further $10/mth for each additional Data Share SIM Plan you take up.

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