Telstra Air Guest Passes

Not a Telstra Air customer? Don’t worry, you too can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi data when you’re out and about with a Telstra Air Guest Pass.

What is a Telstra Air Guest Pass?

A guest pass lets you access Telstra Air if you don’t have an eligible service or you’re not a Telstra customer.

With a guest pass, you can access unlimited data from Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network at over 1 million hotspots across Australia.


Types of Guest Passes

We have four time-based guest passes to choose from which give you unlimited data for the duration of your pass. Guest passes are non-transferable


1 Hour
 1 Day
 7 Day
 30 Day


How to use Telstra Air

On your mobile
with the Telstra Air App

If you use your guest pass on a mobile device, we recommend that you download the Telstra Air App to get the most out of the Telstra Air Network®.

Once you’ve logged in, the app automatically connects you to the Telstra Air Network whenever you’re in range of a Telstra Air hotspot.


On your laptop
or without the Telstra Air App

1. Find your nearest Telstra Air hotspot

2. Open your Wi-Fi settings on your laptop or mobile phone

3. Select “Telstra Air” – this will launch the Telstra Air portal (or go to in your browser)

4. Log in with your Telstra ID

Want to know more?

Guest Pass expiry

If you access Telstra Air from the Telstra Air App you can see the guest pass expiry date and time in the app, with a real-time countdown of the time remaining. The expiry time is shown in your local time zone.

If you don’t use the Telstra Air App, each time you connect to the Telstra Air Network through the login web page you’ll be presented with a page showing the expiry date and time of your guest pass. This is shown in the local time zone of your web browser.

Refund or duplicate charge

If you’ve experienced a duplicate charge on your card from buying your guest pass, please complete our refund request form.

Request a refund

Trouble connecting?

  • Check that the Wi-Fi is turned on in your device settings
  • Confirm you’re in range of a Telstra Air hotspot
  • Make sure you’ve entered your username and password correctly
  • Check whether you purchased a Telstra Air Guest Pass or a Fon Guest Pass, as a Fon Guest Pass can’t be used to connect to a public hotspot (e.g. a Telstra Air pink payphone).

You can use Telstra Air on up to three devices at any one time. Check you have no more than three devices using the network.

Still having difficulty?

Contact our support team


More information about Telstra Air can be found in our Support section.

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