How do I cancel my internet or disconnect my home phone?

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    If you’re thinking about cancelling your Telstra internet or home phone service, or switching providers:

    • Call 13 22 00 and say ‘disconnect’
    • Alternatively, message us to see if we can find a plan that works better for you
    • You can also cancel in My Telstra:

    Cancel with the My Telstra app

    Message us to cancel your internet service, or to cancel your home phone:

    1. Sign in to the My Telstra app
    2. Go to Services and select Manage home phone to cancel.

    Cancel with My Telstra in a browser

    1. Sign in to My Telstra in a browser
    2. Go to Services and select Manage internet or Manage home phone to cancel.

    Things you need to know about cancelling

    • The soft dial tone feature isn’t available on a disconnected nbn® voice service
    • If you’re on the nbn network, you can’t have your internet and home phone with different providers on a single line
    • If you’re on the nbn network and you are on a voice and data bundle, it will cancel the entire bundle
    • If you’ve migrated your connection to the nbn network and your equipment is working, you'll need to contact us to disconnect your old phone and internet service
    • Disconnecting your home phone line or moving it to another provider does NOT automatically disconnect your Telstra home broadband service. You need to contact us to cancel the service
    • To keep your Telstra email address after closing your account, just let us know when you close it. It’s free to keep for the first 12 months after you cease to be a Telstra customer. After that, it’s $79 a year. Critical information Summary on Paid Email (PDF 53KB)

    What else happens when I disconnect my home phone?

    • If you have an ADSL broadband set up on your home phone service, your broadband service will stop working as your phone line needs to be active for your service to work
    • If you have a second number attached to your home phone line, it will also stop working
    • Any monitored security alarm or smoke detectors that use the home phone line for alerts, will no longer call back to base
    • If you have an emergency phone that uses the home phone line to call out, it will stop working. For example, an emergency lift phone
    • After the disconnection, a soft-dial tone means you can only call emergency 000 and Telstra from that service
    • Once you disconnect your home phone, you may not be able to reconnect the same phone number in the future
    • Disconnecting your home phone line or moving it to another provider does NOT automatically disconnect your ADSL broadband if you have one set up on that phone line, although it'll stop working. You’d need to contact us to disconnect ADSL.

    Will there be a cancellation fee?

    There may be a cost to cancel your service. Please message us to discuss your total cancellation cost.

    The Telstra representative you talk to can tell you the amount required to pay out your contract.

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