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Get answers to your questions about trading in your device with Telstra.

You can organise the trade-in of your mobile device online. The steps are outlined below to begin the process: 

  1. Head to our Telstra Online Trade-In Portal and click 'Get a quote'
  2. Select your device from either tablets, iPhone or Android devices
  3. You will be prompted to answer further questions about your device to receive your quote
  4. Send Brightstar your old device
  5. Receive a credit on your Telstra bill

Can I find out how much my mobile device may be worth?

Yes – just head to the Telstra Online Trade-In Portal and click on ‘Get quote’ then follow the on screen prompts.

How we decide the trade-in value of your device?

We ask you some simple questions, and the answers provided assist us in assessing the condition of your phone. We then provide you a quotation of what your phone may be worth as a trade-in.

If you are happy with the price quoted you can proceed to the checkout.

When your device arrives back to Brightstar and inspected the quotation may change. Your quote will only change once your device has been inspected and your device does not meet the eligibility criteria of a “good working condition” device or is otherwise not as described in your answers to the questions.

You will be notified of the change in price offered. If you are unhappy with the price offered contact the Trade-In team via email: customercare@trade-in.telstra.com or 1300112011 (9am -5pm AEST weekdays only) or the self-service checkout on Trade-In portal to arrange you device to be shipped back to you free of charge.

How do I find out what model phone I’ve got?

Often you can find out what model phone you have in your device settings generally under ‘about phone’ or ‘about device.’ You might also like to use our Device Guides for further assistance.

If you’ve got an older phone:

  1. Remove the battery and locate the barcode label
  2. Look carefully – the device model number is usually on this barcode label.

What if my device isn’t listed on the trade-in portal?

If the mobile or tablet you’re using is not listed on the trade-in portal, you can’t trade it in.

Can I trade-in a damaged phone?

If your phone is damaged, you may be eligible for a reduced amount of the trade-in value. You will need to finalise your quote in the Telstra Online Trade-In Portal in order for the condition of your phone to be assessed. Telstra Online Trade-In Portal in order for the condition of your phone to be assessed.

What happens to my device after I send it in? 

Mobile devices in good working condition are sent to people in developing countries where the cost of a new device is sometimes unaffordable. If your device is beyond repair it will be recycled or disposed of correctly.

Is liquid damage a deal breaker?

Yes. Any liquid that gets inside your phone will cause serious permanent damage. It may continue to work, then stop working later.

Many phones now have liquid sensitive stickers that turn pink or red when it comes into contact with any liquid. If your phone has an indicator showing water damage, we cannot accept the device.

How do I clear the data off my phone?

Most phones let you delete all data in a similar way. This is the most common route:

  1. Go into your General Settings;
  2. Restore the Factory Settings; this wipes all data off the device.

Good to know:

  • You should also remove the SIM, SD card and any accessories. We can’t return these to you
  • Ensure you back up any content you wish to keep before trading in your device.

What if my phone is locked to a network?

We may still offer the trade-in value based on the information you have supplied during the quotation process.  

ID questions

Why do you want my ID?

  • We’re required by law to get proof of identity to help the Police track down lost or stolen goods.
  • It is part of the Second-Hand Dealer Licence agreement we have with Brightstar, the company who manages our trade-in business.


What forms of ID can I upload?

You will need to provide two form of ID.

You can find a list of our accepted forms of ID here.

Good to know:

The ID you upload needs to have:

  • your full name
  • current address
  • photo
  • date of birth
  • your signature.


Will my ID details be shared?

Brightstar will only use your ID to process your trade-in order and to keep a record of the trade in order. The proof of identity requirement is used for helping the police track down lost and stolen goods.


Why did I get an email querying my ID?

  • If you received an email, it means we had a problem with your ID documents.
  • The email will tell you why and how to re-submit your ID.

Can I change my account details?

Yes - If you think your account details are incorrect and you want to update them, contact customercare@trade-in.telstra.com or call 1300 112 011 (9am -5pm AEST weekdays only).

How do I know you received my phone? 

Once we receive your phone and verify your ID documents we’ll send you an email confirming payment. This usually happens within 10 business days.  

Got other trade-in questions?

To check the status of your phone and your payment, or for any other questions, call the Trade-In team on 1300 112 011 (9am -5pm AEST weekdays only).  

Calls are charged at your local rate, excluding mobiles where standard call rates apply.

To request a copy of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy policy, contact customercare@trade-in.telstra.com.







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