How do I upgrade my phone on a Mobile Lease plan?


Important information

If you signed up for a Mobile or Data Plan after 25 June 2019 Telstra no longer offers Mobile Lease plans and Mobile Swap Assure for purchase.


If you signed up before 25 June 2019

You can upgrade your phone on a Mobile Lease (Go Mobile Swap) plan after 12 months of taking up your lease contract.

If you’ve taken up Mobile Swap Assure, then you can upgrade your phone at any time during the 24 month period even if your phone is damaged. You can use Mobile Swap Assure twice within each 12 month period, starting on the purchase date of your eligible plan.


What information do I need to upgrade my phone?

1. Your phone’s IMEI number.

    If you have an Android™ phone you can find this through any of the following:

  • Dialling *#06#
  • From the Settings menu, select ‘About Device’ > ‘Status’
  • Under the battery
  • On the original box


    If you have an iPhone you can find this by:

  • Dialling *#06#
  • From the settings menu, select ‘General’ > ‘About’
  • On the SIM card tray or back of the phone, depending on phone model


2. Your lease expiry date.*

3. Know whether you have Mobile Swap Assure.*

4. Know the condition of your phone – You can perform self-diagnostics by downloading the Telstra Device Care App.

*By having a Telstra ID username and password, you can find your lease expiry date and whether or not you have Mobile Swap Assure in the Telstra 24x7® App and Telstra 24x7 My Account.


How can I upgrade?

  • To upgrade your phone you need to:
    1. Get a new phone on an eligible 24 or 36-month device payment plan on a month-to-month mobile plan.
    2. Return your existing leased phone to us in good working order.
    3. Pay a $99 upgrade fee. After month 18 of your contract, there is no upgrade fee.
  • Damaged phone? Don’t worry - with Mobile Lease plans you can still upgrade after 12 months by paying an additional fee.


What you should know

You’ll need to return your old phone within 14 days of entering your new eligible service plan. If you don’t return your leased mobile handset, you will be charged a fee for the phone which amounts to the Fair Market Value of the phone.


How do I return my existing phone?

You’ll be required to return your existing phone that you originally purchased with your plan. If your leased phone was replaced under warranty, or insurance, you will need to provide proof of replacement.


Upgrading in-store?

If you upgrade your phone in-store, we recommend that you  leave it with us once you have your new phone – we can support you in store with the content transfer, although for a quicker upgrade experience we suggest you complete this prior.

If you are unable to leave your phone in-store at the point of upgrade, you can request for a pre-paid satchel to be sent out to you. You’ll then have 14 days to return your existing phone. You only need to return the phone and battery, not the phone accessories such as power cords etc.


Upgrading over the phone or online?

If you sign up over the phone or online, a pre-paid satchel will be sent out to you. You’ll then have 14 days to return your existing phone. You only need to return the phone and battery, not the phone accessories such as power cords etc.

If you are expecting a pre-paid satchel and it has not arrived, follow the steps here


Want more information?


How much does it cost to upgrade my phone?

Mobile phone condition 12-18 months 19-24 months After 24 months Any time with Assure
Good working order $99 $0 $0 N/A
Minor damage or a cracked screen $229 $229 $229 $190
Damaged Beyond Economic Repair (BER) $499 $399 $299 $190

*Fair Market Value is calculated based on the manufacture, model, condition and age of your phone.


Important legal rights called Consumer Guarantees

For products you buy from us, you also have legal rights known as Consumer Guarantees. This includes a guarantee that those products will be fit for purpose, safe, durable, acceptable in appearance and free from faults for a reasonable period of time having regard to factors like the type of product and its cost. Consumer guarantees apply regardless of any manufacturer’s warranty or Telstra policies and can apply even after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended.

You’re entitled to a solution if a product doesn’t meet a consumer guarantee. Where a product is faulty, the solution will depend on the type of fault and whether that fault is ‘major’. For more information about what constitutes a “major” fault, Consumer Guarantees and your return rights, please visit Faulty products – know your rights.




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