How do I use my Pre-Paid phone overseas?

If you're a Pre-Paid customer, the good news is your phone is already activated for International Roaming.

You can set up International Roaming in a few simple steps before you go and if you’ve previously turned this feature off, don’t worry, contact us, and we’ll switch it back on.

Make sure you can roam where you’re going

  • Check if International Roaming is available in the countries you’re visiting by typing them into Find a destination on our Accessibility map.
  • If you’re visiting multiple countries, you can add them to our itinerary builder and see a summary of all your international roaming charges for each destination. You can even take a screenshot or print it off for reference later.

Buy an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack

  • If you’ve got a Pre-Paid service, your international data usage will automatically come off your ‘Recharge Credit’.
  • An International Roaming Browse Plus Pack gives you a set amount of data to use in selected countries for 30 days. It’s a cheaper way to roam than just using your recharge credit. Just choose the Pack value you want, and follow the steps below to add it to your Pre-Paid service.

How to get an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack:

  1. Make sure you have enough Recharge Credit or Plus Credit to buy the Pack you want
  2. On the phone or tablet, you want to set up, open the browser and type
  3. Scroll down the My Pre-Paid Home page and select Buy extras
  4. From the list, select International Roaming Browse Plus Pack
  5. Select your preferred pack value
  6. Select Confirm to finalise your Plus Pack purchase.

Need a little help? You’ll find detailed instructions for adding a Plus Pack here.

While you’re roaming overseas:

  • You’ll get an SMS when you arrive in each country that allows International Roaming, telling you what the charges are for using your Pre-Paid device.
  • While you’re travelling, we’ll send you usage alerts so you can keep track of your usage.
  • You can Recharge, Top-Up, check your usage or add an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack by typing into your browser and following the prompts. This is an unmetered site.
  • You can also Recharge, Top-Up, check your usage or add an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack by signing into Telstra 24x7 My Account on a computer, laptop or mobile device. Data charges may apply.





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