How many extra sockets can I get?

You can order up to five extra sockets at one time.

How much do extra copper phone sockets cost?

There’s technician call out fee of $92 plus an additional fee for each socket.

The additional fee depends on how hard the installation is.

Standard installation - $120

E.g.: on an external wall, or somewhere with under floor access

Non-standard installation - $192

E.g.: in a ceiling space

These charges do not include additional phone sockets for services on the nbn network.

Good to know:

  • Our technicians will give you a fixed price for the whole installation once they see the job.

Will my extra sockets work with a service the nbn™ network?

In most cases, extra copper phone line sockets don’t work once you’re on the nbn network. But:

  • If you have nbn Fixed Wireless and you keep your home phone on the copper network, then your extra copper phone line sockets will still work.
  • In most instances, you can get one of our technicians to rewire your extra sockets so they still work when you switch to nbn network, fees apply.

How do I order extra phone sockets?

Call 13 22 00 and say ‘Telstra Platinum’.

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