How to setup call waiting and call forwarding on nbn?

You can easily set up and manage the Call Waiting and Call Forwarding settings for your nbn home phone using My Telstra. Here’s how:


Sign into My Telstra

You’ll find your Call Forwarding and Call Waiting settings located in My Telstra using your Telstra ID:


  1. On the homepage, find your service in the Account overview section, and select the Manage link
  2. Select Manage next to Your Plan
  3. Scroll down to Features where you’ll find Call settings
  4. Select Manage and you’ll be able to customise your settings.


  1. Select the home phone service you'd like to change the Call Waiting settings for

    Screenshot of home phone service

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Manage under Add-ons > Call settings

    Screenshot of call settings in My Account
  3. Select the second Phone link

    Screenshot of the phone link

  4. Select Call Waiting on or off using the toggle switch

    Screenshot of the Call Waiting toggle.

  5. Once completed, you should see a Successfully Updated message at the top of the screen

  6. Screenshot of Call Waiting successfully updated.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above

  2. Select Call Forwarding

    Screenshot of Call Forwarding screen.

  3. From the Call Forwarding page, you can:

    • Create a new rule
    • Edit an existing rule
    • Update rule order
    • Extend the number of rings before MessageBank Diversion
    • Turn MessageBank on/off (using the toggle switch)


Screenshot of Call Forwarding settings.


To create a Call Forwarding rule, select Create New Rule and complete the fields as required. 

You can edit an existing Call Forwarding rule by selecting Edit.


Screenshot of Create call forwarding rule.


Forward To

This is where you select the destination for your forwarded calls. It must be a valid national or international phone number, or you can select MessageBank.

  • MessageBank: Forward calls to the default voicemail address.

  • Specific number: Forward calls to the specified phone

Call Types

In this field, you can select the types of calls affected by the new rule:

  • All calls: Every call received will be forwarded.

  • No answer: Any calls that are not answered will be forwarded

  • Busy: Any calls received when the service is busy will be forwarded

Caller Types

Caller Types allows you to specify when to enable the forwarding rule:

  • All numbers: All numbers to be forwarded

  • Blocked numbers: Only anonymous numbers to be forwarded

  • Selected numbers: Only specified numbers will be forwarded. If this option is selected, the Add Phone number button and a list of previously specified numbers or an empty text box will appear

Once completed, click Save.

There are two options when it comes to removing a call forwarding rule:


  • You can disable the rule using the toggle switch, if you plan to reuse the rule at a later date

  • You can remove the rule completely

    Screenshot of removing call forwarding rule.





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