Try these quick fixes:

  • Check whether you have more than 3 sessions open on the network. You can have up to 3 devices connected to Telstra Air® network at the same time using one Telstra ID 
  • Make sure Telstra Air is active on your account. Check this on our Activate and Access the Telstra Air Network page
  • Check whether your Telstra mobile service is compatible with Telstra Air. The Telstra Mobile Starter Plan is not compatible with Telstra Air.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Telstra Air App. This can often fix the problem.

What if the login page doesn’t open automatically?

 If your browser doesn’t open the login page when you first connect to the Telstra Air network, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the hotspot:

  • On your device, open an internet browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari, and you’ll be redirected to the login page
  • Now enter your Telstra ID username and password to start accessing Telstra Air.

How fast is the Telstra Air Network?

It depends on:

  • How close you are to a hotspot,
  • How many other users are connected to the same hotspot, and
  • The device you are using.

Homespot or hotspot?

A Telstra Air homespot is a Wi-Fi hotspot that is created when an eligible home broadband customer activates Telstra Air. Their home broadband modem will broadcast a separate Wi-Fi signal for other Telstra Air customers to use.

If you’re connected to a Telstra Air homespot - rather than a Telstra-maintained hotspot like a pay phone or a store - then your maximum download speed will be capped at 2Mbps.

What if I’ve forgotten my Telstra ID username or password?





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