If you’ve opted in to the Telstra Air® network, your home modem generates a separate Telstra Air Wi-Fi signal for Telstra Air customers. Telstra Air users cannot connect to your home Wi-Fi unless you choose to give them the password or pin to access your Wi-Fi.

So is my home broadband secure when I have Telstra Air activated?

Yes. Your Telstra-supplied modem keeps your home Wi-Fi signal separate and protected from the Telstra Air network, so your data and information is not accessible to Telstra Air users.

How secure are Telstra Air hotspots?

Telstra Air hotspots are open and unsecured. This is what makes them accessible - but it also means that you may want to take some extra precautions to ensure your information is protected while accessing a hotspot.

Although it’s unlikely, data you send over an open network can potentially be intercepted if the app or website doesn’t secure your information before transmitting it from your device to the hotspot.

What can I do to protect my data in a hotspot?

One way to help protect your data is to check for a padlock icon in the address bar of the site you’re browsing. This tells you that the site has a layer of security to protect your data, such as SSL or HTTPS.

You should also use the Telstra Air App to manage your connection. The app helps prevent you from connecting to a hotspot that’s pretending to be part of Telstra Air to unlawfully access your information.

Are there things you shouldn’t do in a hotspot?

Because Wi-Fi hotspots are public and unsecured, we recommend you don’t send or receive personal information, or perform activities like internet banking, when you’re using one.

If you connect to a Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspot and you’re asked to enter a network type, ie; ‘home’, ‘work’ or ‘public’, make sure you connect as ‘public’, because this locks down the connection more securely.

Does Telstra collect data about who is using their hotspots?

Yes. We do collect and store aggregate data about:

  • device names
  • timestamps
  • data usage in megabytes
  • operating systems
  • IP addresses and MAC addresses
  • the location of hotspots that devices are connected to.


We use this data to monitor and improve our service, and to develop new and better ways to connect.





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