Telstra-supplied modems send out a secure Wi-Fi signal, so that devices can only connect to it if they have your Wi-Fi pin or password.

What kind of Wi-Fi security does my modem use?

There are two main types of wireless encryption security: Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). Telstra-supplied modems use WPA because it is more secure than WEP.

What if some of my devices can’t access my Wi-Fi connection?

Some older devices may not be able to access your Wi-Fi network using WPA encryption. In this case, you need you to change to WEP.

How do I change my modem’s Wi-Fi security?

  1. Go to the http://telstra.gateway/ and select ‘Wi-Fi’. If you’re using a Telstra Gateway Frontier®/Telstra Smart Modem™ go to http://mygateway/
  2. Open the ‘Security Mode’ drop down menu
  3. Select ‘WEP’, and apply the change.

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