Why do I have to buy a twin pack – can’t I just buy one Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster?

You need to purchase the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster Twin pack to start with because you need to plug one of the Wi-Fi Boosters into your modem and the other must be positioned elsewhere to extend the Wi-Fi signal. What is the difference between the two Wi-Fi Boosters?

The two Wi-Fi Boosters in your twin pack are the same. You need two Wi-Fi Boosters so that you can plug one into your Telstra modem and the other elsewhere to extend your Wi-Fi signal.

How many Wi-Fi Boosters should I buy?

While the number of Wi-Fi Boosters depends on the size of your home, a good guide would be two for 2 – 3 rooms, and two extra for greater than 3 rooms.

What is the maximum number of Wi-Fi Boosters I can buy and use in my home/office?

You can have a maximum of 4 Wi-Fi Boosters (2 twin packs) connected to your Telstra modem. Don’t forget that 1 of your Wi-Fi Boosters will need to be connected to your Telstra modem, but any others can be spread around your home/office.

How do I add extra Wi-Fi Boosters? You can add extra Boosters by following the steps in the Telstra Home Dashboard™ app. You can only do this once you have set up the first 2 Wi-Fi Boosters™, with the option of adding an additional 2 Boosters to the same Wi-Fi network.

Will the Wi-Fi Boosters work with my modem if it’s not a Telstra modem?

No, the Wi-Fi Boosters are exclusive to Telstra Broadband customers and are only compatible with our Telstra modems.

Do I have to be a Telstra Broadband customer to buy the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Booster?

Yes, the Wi-Fi Booster is only available for Telstra Broadband customers.

Can I use the Telstra Home Dashboard™ App with my Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Boosters?

Yes, the Telstra Home Dashboard™ App will help you set up, manage and diagnose your network, even without a PC. Follow the steps on your Quick Start Guide for further information about how to download the app and get started.

How does the Telstra Home Dashboard™ App work with my Wi-Fi Boosters?

The Telstra Home Dashboard™ App can help you set up your Wi-Fi Boosters by following these steps: Click on the Support tab and select ‘Set up a device’. Scan the QR code on the Quick Start Guide or on the back of the Wi-Fi Booster Follow the step-by-step instructions on the app to get online.

Do I need a new Wi-Fi name and password to connect to each Wi-Fi Booster?

No, you’ll be able to connect to the same Wi-Fi name and password – it won’t matter which Wi-Fi Booster you are connected to in your home/office.

Why is there a new Wi-Fi network name and password on my Telstra Smart Wi-Fi™ Boosters?

The Wi-Fi Boosters come with a new Wi-Fi network name and password which you must connect your devices to receive the Wi-Fi signal from your Wi-Fi Boosters.





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