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Before you start!

If you have any existing devices that use the telephone wall sockets, such as a fax, medical-alert service, or EFTPOS machine, please inform us when placing your order as you will need to determine whether they are compatible with the nbn™ network.

  1. Make sure your nbn connection box is active
    • Check that the ‘Link’, ‘Online’, ‘US’, ‘DS’, and ‘Power’ lights are all on, and all green.
    • If it’s been more than 48 hours since your installation and the nbn connection box is still inactive, call us on 1800 056 962.
  2. Connect your modem
    • Insert the yellow end of the Ethernet cable into the LAN port on your nbn connection box, and the red end into the red ‘WAN’ port on your Telstra-supplied modem.
    • If you can’t see the sockets on your modem, you may need to remove the bottom stand.
  3. Power up your modem
    • Insert the power cable into the modem and plug the power supply into a power point, and switch on the power point.
    • Power up the modem by pressing the power button.
  4. Good to know:

    Please wait for the ‘ONLINE’ or ‘INTERNET’ light on your modem to turn solid green - this could take up to 10 minutes.

  5. Connect your devices

      Via Wi-Fi

    • On your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) select the Wi-Fi name. You can find this information printed on the bottom of your Telstra-supplied modem, or on your included Wi-Fi fridge magnet.
    • When asked, enter in the Wi-Fi Password also printed on the bottom of your modem, or on your included Wi-Fi fridge magnet.
    • For more information on connecting via Wi-Fi - follow our Connecting to a Wireless (Wi-Fi) network guide
    • Via an Ethernet Cable

    • Connection via a LAN cable can deliver slightly faster speeds. If you would like to connect via an Ethernet cable, insert the YELLOW ‘LAN’ plug into any YELLOW port on the modem.
    • Insert the other end into your devices network port
    • Connect with Ethernet cables - follow our Connecting to a Wired (Ethernet) connection guide
  6. Connect your home phone
    • Plug your existing phone into the GREEN port on your modem.
    • Your modem must be turned on, and the ‘PHONE’ light must be green, to make and receive calls over the nbn network.

Your set up should look like this

Need more help?

Got a Telstra Gateway Frontier® or Telstra Smart Modem™?

Check out the video:

Got a Telstra Gateway Frontier® or Telstra Smart Modem™?

Check out the video:





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