Does Telstra charge fees on some payment methods?

We have a range of billing and payment options, many of which have no additional fees.

All our billing and payment options, and any associated fees, are listed below.


How we provide your bill to you


Paper bill (A4)


Email bill or online bill


Ways to pay your bill  



Direct Debit from bank account, debit card or credit card


BPAY® & BPAY® View


Centrelink - Centrepay


Telstra Bill Assistance Program Certificates


By debit card or credit card via the Telstra website or the Telstra 24x7 App

Debit or credit card payment processing fee

By debit card or credit card over the phone

Debit or credit card payment processing fee

In person at an Australia Post or Telstra store

$1.00 + Debit or credit card payment processing fee (if applicable)

By cheque through postal mail $1.00


What is a Non-Electronic Payment Fee?

A Non-Electronic Payment Fee is the fee we charge if you pay your bill at an Australia Post or Telstra store. The ‘Fee for your last non-electronic payment’ includes GST and appears on your bill in the ‘Account Charges & Credits’ section.

If you make multiple payments in a billing period, you will be charged once for each payment.



Who is exempt from the Non-Electronic Payment fees?

You may be exempt from these fees if you:

  • Are registered for Telstra's Pensioner Discount or Disability Equipment Program or hold an Australian Government Health Care Card; or
  • Use the Telstra Bill Assistance Program Certificate.


Good to know

You will need to provide us with the details of your Australian Government Pension or Health Care Card either over the phone or in-store if these details aren’t already registered with us.


Are there any debit or credit card fees?

Yes. If you pay with a debit card or credit card, you may be charged a processing fee. These are the applicable credit & debit card fees.

Credit or Direct Debit card


VISA, MasterCard, American Express

0.30% plus GST*

Diners Club

1.67% plus GST*

*GST is calculated based on the taxable charges on the bill

You can avoid paying debit card or credit card fees by setting up Direct Debit or paying via PayPal.


How do payment processing fees appear on my bill?





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