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Fon is our global Wi-Fi partner that connects Telstra Air customers to Wi-Fi data at millions of hotspots overseas.

Before your leave, ensure you:

  1. Confirm Fon is available at your destination
  2. Download the Telstra Air® App and log in with your Telstra ID to create your Telstra Air account.

Accessing Fon hotspots overseas with the Telstra Air App


When you reach your destination, the Telstra Air app will notify you and automatically connect you to Fon hotspots when you’re in range. Connecting to Wi-Fi could take a minute or two.

Apple iOS

  1. To connect to a Fon hotspot overseas, go to your device settings and make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. The Telstra Air app will only pick up Fon hotspots when your Wi-Fi is on
  2. Look for a Fon partner in your Wi-Fi list. Fon partner networks usually have “‘Fon’” in the name and “Telstra Air” should appear underneath it
  3. Fon partners in each country have their own Wi-Fi network names. Each time you enter a new country you’ll need to manually connect to a Fon Wi-Fi network. Once you’ve done this, you’ll then automatically connect to other Fon Wi-Fi networks in the same country.

Wi-Fi network names Fon in partnering countries

The below table lists the name of the network you’ll need to connect to in each Fon partnering country.

For example: in the UK, you’ll need to connect to the network “BTWiFi-with-FON” and in Germany you’ll need to connect to "Telekom_FON".

If you’re travelling to multiple countries, you’ll only need to connect once to each Wi-Fi network in each country.

Country Partner Wi-Fi Network Names
Belgium Proximus PROXIMUS_FON
Brazil Oi Oi WiFi Fon
Croatia Hrvatski Telekom (HT) HotSpot Fon
Germany Deutsche Telekom Telekom_FON
Greece OTE OTE WiFi Fon
Hungary Magyar Telekom Telekom Fon
Italy Vodafone Italy Vodafone-WiFi
Wireless Gate
Moscow Russia MTC (MTS) FON_MTS
Netherlands KPN KPN Fon
Romania Romtelecom Romtelecom Fon
Telekom Fon
South Africa MWEB @MWEB Fon
Spain Vodafone Spain _ONOWiFi
United Kingdom BT BTWiFi-with-Fon


In multiple countries you might also encounter the network names ‘Fon partner Wi-Fi’ or ‘FON_FREE_INTERNET’ which are also eligible.

After you’ve connected to a Fon partner Wi-Fi network, the Telstra Air App will notify you once you’re connected to a Fon hotspot and ready to use the internet.