How to access Wi-Fi while aeroplane mode is on

03 Apr 2018

Aeroplane mode or Flight mode is a feature on many smartphones, tablets and laptops. When activated, it suspends radio-frequency signals by the device, disabling Bluetooth, telephone, and Wifi.

On a plane, mobile signals can interfere with the aircraft's communication and navigation systems. That's why airlines ask passengers to turn on aeroplane mode or switch the device off. In Australia, mobile phones without Flight mode can only be used when you're not on the plane - before departure or after arrival.

Some airlines have in flight Wifi to offer the airline's own entertainment on your device. So you can enjoy the airline's programs through your device. And of course, you can still play your existing downloaded videos and games. You can have Aeroplane mode on and still access Wifi networks.

This video will show you how.

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