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Top tips on hot topics

Get expert advice on the most common tech issues with these Help and Support articles, or else speak to a Platinum Tech and they will do it for you.

How do I make video calls?

Find out how to use your phone or tablet to connect more with the people you love.

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Stream it straight to the big screen

Google Chromecast lets you stream content to your TV screen from your mobile phone, tablet or computer via your home Wi-Fi network. And enjoy the luxury of the big screen anytime.

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How do I set up a Wi-Fi printer on my home network?

All new printers are set up for Wi-Fi now. We’ll show you how to set yours up to print remotely.

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How do I print from my phone or tablet?

Find out how to print content directly from your Android or Apple device.

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Can I watch tv and movies through my gaming console?

Yes. You can set up the latest gaming consoles to also control your tv and movie experiences.

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How can I improve my Wi-Fi connection speed?

Sometimes the best way to get better Wi-Fi speeds is to just change your Wi-Fi channel. Here’s how.

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Can I stream the internet straight on to my TV?

Want to use your TV to watch more than Free-to-Air? Here's how.

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How do I protect my computer from hackers and viruses?

Here’s some tips from the experts to keep your devices and your personal information safe online.

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Stay safer online with Parental Controls

Not everything on the internet is ok for kids. Parental control systems are one of the best ways to protect them from online dangers.

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How do I control my kids' smartphone access?

The most effective way to monitor what your child does on their phone while they’re out and about is with a mobile Parental Control app. But you need to do your homework before you buy.

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Want to keep your PC or laptop in top shape?

A little TLC goes a long way. Get some simple tips to keep your Windows device performing at its best.

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What do I do if my emails go missing?

Lost emails can be incredibly frustrating. The good news is you can sometimes recover them.

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Store and share your memories on the cloud

Smartphones are great for taking photos and videos. And when you store and share them on the cloud, your loved ones can enjoy the memories on their own laptops, whenever they want.

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What is ransomware and how do I stop it?

Ransomware is on the rise. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

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