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How to set up for Telstra ID

Text on screen reads "Setting up a Telstra ID?"

Footage: Different icons of a smartphone in a hand, a stack of papers with a check mark, a credit card with a check mark, a calendar with a check mark, a shopping trolley with a wrapped gift, and a person's head wearing a headset. The icons rotate in a circle.

Text on screen reads "It's the key to managing all things Telstra, securely in one place. Including your Pre-Paid service."

Footage: Cut to a hand holding a smartphone. The smartphone screen shows a welcome page.

Text on screen reads "Helping you stay in control and making life simpler." and an OK hand sign emoji.

Footage: The smartphone screen changes to an app download screen.

Text on screen reads "Step 1. Download the My Telstra app." and two buttons below read "Download on the App store" and "Get it on Google Play"

Footage: The smartphone screen changes to a registration screen.

Text on screen reads "Step 2. Follow the prompts to set up or sign in with your Telstra ID."

Footage: The smartphone screen changes to a mobile summary. A hand appears with the pointer finger making different selections. The finger then scrolls through several screens.

Text on screen reads "With the My Telstra app, you can: Recharge your Pre-Paid service. Set up Auto Recharge. Check your balance. Change your plan. Manage other Telstra services. And join Telstra Plus to earn rewards, just by recharging. Redeem points for Pre-Paid recharges, accessories, gadgets and more.

Text on screen reads: Set up now or find out more at

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