Find out if the nbn is in your street.

Connecting to the nbn network: what's next?

Time to switch to nbn?

Received emails about disconnection? You can switch to Telstra nbn now - it's easy. 
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Compare nbn plans

If you're nbn-ready, the next step is to choose the right nbn plan for your home. Compare our plans now. 

Choosing the right speed

Not sure which nbn speed tier is best for you?  The number of internet users at home is a good place to start.

How to get connected

Find out how easy it is to connect your home to the nbn network with Telstra.

What is the nbn?

Everything you wanted to know about the nbn network but were too afraid to ask.

Moving home? Move to nbn!

Choose an nbn plan and we'll move your internet and home phone for $0. Standard moves only. Ends 28 Feb 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

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