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Information about other home phone plans is available in the Critical Information Summaries.

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We've put together some amazing international packs, so you can call as often or talk for as long as you like.


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We have over 20 additional products and services, from call waiting to MessageBank®. All designed to make staying in contact even easier.

Connection & moving feesThere are no installation fees for NBN customers

Existing phone line

No technician visit required:

Technician visit required:
(No cabling work)

Technician visit required:
(Cabling work needed)


First line: $59
Additional line: $59

First line: $125
Additional line: $75.50

First line: $299
Additional line: $179

New phone line

Technician visit required:

Technician visit required:
(Telstra Velocity)


Standard charge: $299

First line: $299
Additional line: $179

All prices listed above are for standard connections. For temporary connections3, add $100.


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Things you need to know

Hardware Repayment Option: If you cancel your plan or your Hardware Repayment Option early, you’ll need to pay any remaining hardware payments.

A payment processing fee is charged for Telstra bills paid by credit card. For Visa, MasterCard and American Express the rate is 1% of the payment amount, plus applicable GST. For Diners Club the rate is 2% of the payment amount, plus applicable GST. Some exemptions from this fee apply, including for eligible pensioner concession card holders. Visit our Bill Payment Fees FAQ for more information on this fee and the exemptions that may be available to you.

  1. National calls to standard fixed line numbers excludes some usage such as calls to premium numbers (eg 19xx numbers), 1234, 12456, 13 and 1300 numbers. Calls to 13 and 1300 numbers are not local calls. Calls to Australian mobiles excludes calls to satellite numbers
  2. Telstra Home Phone Budget customers agree not to acquire services from other carriage service providers by dialing their access override code and must not acquire a broadband service from another service provider which is provided using line sharing technology.
  3. Temporary connection charge applies if your home phone service is connected for three months or less. If you cancel your service within three months, you will need to pay the $100 difference between the Standard and Temporary Connection charges to correctly reflect your connection type. Additional charges may apply for items such as cabling past the first socket, trenching or more difficult installations. Additional line fee only applies if installed at the same time at the same premises and for the same customer as the first line.
  4. Where an additional telephone service is required but all ports for telephone services are occupied, an additional ONT will need to be installed. This will be treated as a new service.