Information about the Service


You are eligible to take up a Telstra Business System™ if you are a business customer, have an ABN, ACN or ARBN, and you’re billed directly by Telstra.


The Telstra Business Phone System package includes a combination of the following:

  • Choice of a Telstra Business phone system (with optional Additional Equipment) from our comprehensive range 
  • Installation by a qualified technician(s). 
  • Telstra Business Systems Care (maintenance for your phone system), with technical support provided 24/7 should you ever need it. 
  • Flexible payment options for your phone system, including the ability to pay for it outright on your first bill or apply for monthly repayments, Finance Lease or Rental. 
  • The ability to receive one monthly bill with all your Telstra TBS charges. 
  • Flexible connections to Telstra's network.

TBS Care

TBS Care provides you with the option to purchase maintenance for your Telstra Business System. You can choose from 3 options:

  • PRIORITY Support via Telstra’s Service desk providing remote diagnosis and resolution as well as on-site support and replacement parts across Australia to agreed service levels on a set contract term. Available on a 12, 24, 36 or 60 month term. 
  • PRIORITY PLUS Add-ons to your TBS Care Priority plan that allows you to choose enhanced services to suit your business needs. Available on a 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month term. 
  • PAY AS YOU GO If you prefer not to have a contract term, and don't need agreed service levels. Response is provided as best efforts only. No minimum term applies. 

You’ll need to take up either TBS Care Priority or TBS Care Priority Plus when you take up Rental, Finance Lease or TBS Repayment Option for your phone system, unless the Main Equipment you are purchasing is less than $2,200 (incl GST) or your business is in a regional or remote location.

We do not provide TBS Care for certain types of equipment (including all Additional Equipment). We’ll tell you what TBS Care does not cover in Schedule 1 of your agreement with us.

To ensure you are still covered at the end of the minimum term your TBS Care agreement will automatically be renewed. You need to provide us with one month written notice to cancel.

If you choose to cancel during the initial or renewed minimum term for your TBS Care agreement, we may charge you an Early Termination Charge in accordance with your agreement. 

Payment Options

You can purchase your phone system outright, or choose to apply for TBS Repayment Option (TBSRO) or enter into a Rental or Finance Lease agreement with our preferred third-party financier, A.C.N. 603 303 126 Pty Ltd trading as Angle Asset Finance (Angle).

TBS Phone System Outright Purchase

Equipment and Installation charges will appear as a once off charge on the first Telstra bill you receive after successful installation. You must pay this amount to us within our usual credit terms.

TBS Repayment Option (TBSRO)

Equipment and Installation charges will be billed to you monthly. These charges will be greater than if you paid upfront via the TBS Phone System outright purchase option. You can choose to pay off your phone system over 3, 6, 9, 12 or 24 months.

If you cancel early, then we’ll bill you the remaining payments as a single charge. 

Rental or Finance Lease from Angle

If you’ve decided to finance your phone system with Angle, you’ll have a separate agreement with Angle.  If you choose a Finance Lease your agreement will consist of monthly repayments with a final residual payment. If you choose Rental, your agreement will consist of monthly repayments with no obligation to pay a residual value. At the end of your Rental term you can;

  • return the old equipment and upgrade to new equipment; 
  • return the old equipment at maturity and end your rental agreement; or; 
  • make a fair market value offer to purchase the equipment, and if accepted, end your Rental agreement. 

If you don’t advise Angle of one of these options by your rental expiry date, your rental agreement will continue on the same terms and rent until you advise us otherwise Angle asks for return of the equipment.

Your monthly finance payments will appear on your Telstra bill monthly in arrears and you must continue to meet these payments regardless of any changes in your financial circumstances.

You can choose terms of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months for both the Finance Lease & Rental agreements.

Important facts about your agreement with Capital

Angle isn’t related to Telstra, but they are our preferred third-party financier. You can choose to use other financiers that you arrange independently of us.

However, we can only put your repayments on your Telstra bill if you finance with Angle.

Your finance agreement is between you and Angle.

Whether or not Angle decides to give you finance is up to them and depends on their finance criteria. Telstra plays no part in this decision.

If you withdraw your agreement with Angle before settlement, we (Telstra) will charge you the full amount of your TBS on your nominated Telstra account and you must pay this amount to us.

If you don’t pay for your Rental or Finance Lease charges, Angle will bill you directly.

If you have questions about your finance agreement, please contact Angle on 1300 586 936.

Information about Pricing

Minimum Cost

Your minimum cost will depend on a number of factors including your TBS calling plan and associated connection charges, the payment option of your Telstra Business System and the TBS Care offer you select. The cost of your Telstra Business System depends on the model and options you select. The minimum term that applies to your service will be set out in the agreement that you sign with us

Other information

Credit Assessment

Subject to credit assessment by Telstra and/or Angle, your requested payment option may be rejected. If so, you may be requested to pay some or all of the Telstra Business Phone System equipment charges upfront.


The title to the equipment will pass to you when you have completed your payment obligations in full (for outright purchase, TBSRO or finance).


On the same day of each month you’ll be billed in advance for TBS Care and TBSRO (where applicable).  Angle Finance repayments are monthly in arrears.


Bill Payment Charges

  • Direct Debit is our preferred payment method, you can set it up anytime at
  • Electronic payments – Free
  • Payments made in person or by cheque – Extra $2.50 (some exemptions apply)
  • Paperless bills are free. A paper bill can be issued for $2.20 per copy sent (some exemptions apply)

Fair Use Policy

Use of this Service is governed by a fair use policy, which deals with excessive use.
For further details visit

Understanding my bill

You’re billed in advance for the minimum monthly charge, and in arrears for any usage not included in your plan. 

Need Help? We're here For You

Please visit if you have questions about your offer, technical support, service or connection.  Alternatively, you can call us on 13 22 00 or 1800 808 981 (TTY).  To report technical issues while overseas, you can call our 24/7 International Roaming Helpdesk on +61 439 12 5109.

Complaints or Disputes

If you have a problem or complaint about your service, go to where you'll find full contact details and information about how to resolve it.

Further Investigation

If you can't resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Telcommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058.  For full contact information, visit