Make mobile devices more manageable

Our secure and flexible solution for taking the burden out of managing large mobile fleets.

Access business applications with no excess usage

Managing mobile devices can often be a complex and time consuming task.

That’s why you need Mobile Connect - a complete solution to help you not just manage your devices, but reduce the burden on your support staff and increase the productivity and responsiveness of mobile workers.

Mobile Connect is a set of data plans that allow you to access business applications, such as company email, with no excess usage charges when connected to our Next G® network in Australia.

It’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, and you can manage your devices through one convenient online portal at no additional cost when you’re in Australia.

You just need to request access to the Telstra Mobile Device Management platform from us to start using the Mobile Device Management portal.

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Help your organisation to get:


Sync your corporate email, calendar and contacts to smartphones or tablets while staff are out of the office.


Increased productivity
Get your people the applications and documents they need so that they can get on with doing business.


Extended security
The Next G® network and Next IP® network provide options for using devices over a more secure connection.( Additional costs apply where a more secure connection is required).


The right plan for your business
We offer a range of flexible pricing options depending on your budget.


The best support and help
Mobile Connect is backed by our award-winning Enterprise-grade Customer Service®, so you know you can count on it to be reliable.

Remotely manage devices quickly and conveniently

Telstra Mobile Connect offers features that could boost the performance of your mobile staff:

  • No excess usage charges when accessing business applications, like company email in Australia on the Telstra Next G® network.
  • Business Mobile Connect Solution
  • Compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets
  • Flexible pricing to match your budget
  • Backed by Telstra’s award-winning Enterprise-grade Customer Service®

If you subscribe to Mobile Connect, you automatically get access to our Mobile Device Management Portal - at no additional cost.

Depending on the device model, you can quickly perform activities like:

  • Configure devices settings like ActiveSync, Wi-Fi, APN, VPN etc
  • Restrict device applications and hardware like camera, App Store etc
  • Enable security features on devices like lock, wipe, enforce passwords
  • Create and manage an enterprise application store
  • Query device information like memory, serial number, roaming status, software applications and more
  • Send SMS messages
  • Export reports on devices being used by staff