Adaptive Mobility Accelerator

For faster speeds during high bandwidth work activities

Accelerator optimises your data speed providing a speed uplift on our 4G and 5G networks when using your shared monthly data allowance. ​

You will notice the benefits of Accelerator more when undertaking high bandwidth tasks such as video streaming or downloading large files and when in areas of higher customer demand on the network.

Key Features

Help unlock faster speeds

The Accelerator add-on provides a typical download speed uplift ranging from 15% to 100% during medium to high 4G/5G network traffic conditions (like in busy or crowded places) compared to our standard Adaptive Mobility plans. This can provide a benefit during bandwidth intensive tasks, like downloading large files or multi-device tethering (it won’t provide a benefit during tasks that require less bandwidth like checking emails). Accelerator is available to add-on to our Adaptive Mobility plans.

Unleash 5G

Accelerator can help you get the full potential of our 5G network on compatible devices. Telstra has the largest 5G coverage of any mobile network in Australia with 75% of the population covered by Telstra 5G. Our 5G now covers more than 3,200 suburbs and over 200 cities and towns across Australia.

Uncap your mobile experience

If your Adaptive Mobility plan has a speed cap for included plan data, the Accelerator add-on will remove that speed cap. For all customers, speeds will still be capped at 1.5Mbps once you have exceeded your monthly data allowance (which is not suitable for HD video or high speed applications, and means some webpages, video/social media content may take longer to load) and may be further reduced during busy periods.


You’ll have access to a dashboard showing how your active daily average speed with Accelerator compares to the daily average speed that we estimate a user on our network in similar radio conditions would have experienced without Accelerator.

Improved speed experience

Be better set for near real time collaboration and problem solving with a faster speed experience for bandwidth intensive tasks in the moments in matter (refer to FAQ's below for more information).

Faster speeds in moments that matter

Adaptive Mobility Accelerator can give you faster speeds on our 4G and 5G network in data-intensive moments, compared to the speeds you would otherwise receive in similar conditions and doing similar activities without Accelerator including:

Sharing and analysing data faster

Help unlock faster access to data when using your mobile or tablet with embedded SIM.

Video Conferencing 

Faster speed experience during video meetings with large numbers of participants and when screen sharing.

Video Streaming​

Faster speeds and playback when streaming video.

Accessing data in busy or crowded places

In moments of high traffic when speeds may be slower, Accelerator provides a typical download speed uplift ranging from 15% to 100% compared to the speeds you would otherwise receive during those conditions.

Enhanced tethering

Help enable faster speeds when connecting multiple devices and sharing your internet connection via your mobile.

Multi-tasking on data intensive applications

Faster speeds for the times when you’re powering through multiple cloud based applications simultaneously.

Key Customer benefits

Even better speed experience to help deliver results in moments that matter

Improved Productivity 

Help make more of your vital time with faster transfer of data files and file sharing so you can get more done in your day.

Continuity of work flows​

Be better set for near real time collaboration, video conferencing and problem solving with faster data speeds.

Overall faster work on the go

Help field workers and mobile professionals when on the move.

Meet expectations

Faster speeds to help you to share, access and process data intensive applications in less time.

Industry Use Cases


Help to download files and process information more quickly, while collaborating with local and international teams, clients and partners.


Access and send files and information on the go with faster speeds than you would otherwise experience, in crowded areas and at times of high network demand.

Construction and Mining

Helps to give faster speeds when accessing data intensive critical information while in transit or on site when in coverage.


Provide better customer service with faster speeds, allowing you to share large data files at the scene when in coverage.

Frequently asked questions

Why Telstra

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Thrive on-the-go with a network that’s faster in more places

Unleash productivity with our unrivaled mobile network that covers more of Australia than any other provider. We are also at the forefront of 5G so you can unleash its potential for your business first.

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A range of scalable solutions to meet your needs

Choose the right mobility solution for your unique needs from a variety of devices, plans, managed services and more – all available on our local, national and global networks.

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One partner for all your mobility needs

Make managing your IT easy with access to leading mobility tools, partners and networks, and the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals, all in one place.​

Ready for tomorrow ​

We continually work to make our comprehensive network of networks faster, safer, more reliable and smarter - so it can be ready to grow with you as you innovate at scale, today and into the future

Getting started

Wanting more information about our Accelerator for Adaptive Mobility plans? Get in touch with our teams today to find out more.

Things you need to know

Accelerator is available to select customers only and subject to availability