Adaptive Mobility Add-Ons

Stay in touch with your customers and colleagues with added flexibility.

With the new and simple Adaptive Mobility Plans, choose to activate an add-on that best meets your business needs.

The Adaptive Mobility Add-on services assist you in keeping in contact with your staff and customers easily and efficiently. Whether you are busy, travelling in between meetings or travelling internationally, these add-on services will help make it easier for you and you customers.

Stay in touch with your customers and colleagues even when you are busy

Be more efficient with Telstra's Voice2Text, MessageBank® and MessageBank® Plus for iPhone services, when you activate your Adaptive Mobility Plan with a compatible mobile device. Manage your calls and messages from your customers and colleagues when you are busy with your day-to-day work life, with Voice2Text automatically converting compatible voice messages to text and sends them straight to your mobile as an SMS.

You'll receive unlimited MessageBank® and MessageBank® Plus for iPhone including diversions and retrievals for no extra charge. If you require a more premium messaging solution you can elect to upgrade to the Adaptive Mobility Voice2Text service for an additional monthly fee. Voice2Text replaces your voice mail notifications and any other voice mail or messaging service you may have (other than MessageBank®). MessageBank® and MessageBank® Plus for iPhone provides convenient call back features and message notifications that help you manage your voice messages when you’re too busy to take a call or your phone is unattended, engaged or busy.

Voice2Text Key Features

Compatible with all Smartphones

Voice2Text is compatible with all Android, Windows and IOS devices.


SMS message notifications save you from dialing 101 to access your voice messages.

Available Storage

Each voice message will only be stored for 14 days if you have not listened to it, or 7 days if you have listened to it.


Save important messages and phone numbers directly to your mobile phone. Messages are attached to the caller’s number for easy access to call or text back

Able to keep track of messages

Each voice message forms into a text message, that will be accessible in your mobile device.


Read messages discreetly in meetings or at noisy locations

Frequently Asked Questions: Voice2Text

MessageBank® Key Features

Saves and retains messages for when you are free

Unplayed voice messages can be stored for 14 days and played messages can be stored for 7 days.

Simple to Use

Easy access to all your saved messages

Adequate storage capacity for all your needs

Up to 60 messages can be stored for MessageBank® and 98 messages for MessageBank® Plus.

Help save time and increase productivity

Ability to reply to your customers or colleagues quickly by call or SMS.

Personalise your own greetings

With MessageBank® you have the option to personalise your own greeting with no extra charge.

Hang up messages

Receive an SMS notification when callers hang up without leaving a message.

Frequently Asked Questions: MessageBank

MessageBank for iPhone Key Features

Compatible iPhone

This service is compatible with iOS 4.3 or greater.

Prioritise the important messages

No need to listen through messages to get to the ones you need. Simply tap on the message you want and listen to it immediately.

Adequate storage capacity for all your needs

A maximum of 98 messages are stored for MessageBank® Plus.

Simple and efficient

Voicemail messages presented in a list with a header similar to an e-mail set up to make it easy for read.

iPhone users only

MessageBank® for iPhone is only available for Apple iPhone users only.

Easy to access

Voicemails delivered directly to your mobile so you can listen to them without having to dial 101.

Frequently Asked Questions: MessageBank for iPhone

Empower your team to be productive where and when they need

Adaptive Mobility International Calling Packs are a cost effective option for customers that regularly call or SMS your staff, stakeholders or customers overseas. Each pack remains valid for 31 days.

There are two packs available:

The Basic International Calling Pack

This includes unlimited voice and SMS to standard numbers from Australia to 20 other different countries.

The Premium International Calling Pack

This includes unlimited voice and SMS to standard numbers from Australia to all countries.

Eligible Countries: 

Basic International Calling Pack
Canada Ireland Romania
China Indonesia Singapore
Denmark Japan South Korea
Germany Malaysia UK
Guam New Zealand USA
Hong Kong Norway Vietnam
India Puerto Rico  

Premium International Calling Pack
All Countries

International Calling Pack Key Features

Unlimited voice calls and SMS to eligible countries

Feel at ease knowing that you have unlimited calls and SMS to eligible countries

Choose a pack that is right for you

There is flexibility in terms of which international calling pack to choose, depending on the your needs.

Reliable international connection

Trust that your users will have a brilliantly simple user experience.

Single agreement for your enterprise

We provide unlimited calls and standard SMS to eligible countries, under a single price across all users.

Cost saving

Save money with the calling packs instead of paying the normal pay-as-you go rates.

Access to many countries

With a wide range of eligible countries, this allows you to stay connected to your colleagues and customers wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions: International Calling Pack

International Roaming Pass

Telstra’s International Roaming Day and Month Pass simplifies your business travel by covering a wide range of countries, enabling your team to make calls, send an SMS or use data stress free when travelling internationally.

We help to make it easy to meet the needs of all kinds of business travellers – from frequent flyers to occasional visitors, and even people who go to the same places regularly. Manage your team’s requirements and what they are spending on international roaming simply and easily with our solutions. As a default service on your mobile plan, the 24-hour day pass will be activated once you are in an eligible country and the month pass will need to be activated manually. 

Be sure your organisation has enabled the Telstra International Roaming Day Pass on your corporate mobile phone. Before your international trip, visit to check that your destination is an eligible country.

International Roaming Day and Month Pass Key Features

Reliable international connection

Trust that you will have a simple user experience

Usage Alerts

You’ll receive free SMS or email alerts when you’ve used 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance.

Transparent view of spending

We provide clear visibility of spend down to an individual user-level

Simple and consistent management

No complex contracts, making international roaming simple and stress free.

Wide range of eligible countries

The International Roaming Day Pass is applicable in over 70 countries.

Boost productivity

Your roaming will kick in automatically, so that you can get more done with a stress free roaming experience.

Eligible Countries:

International Roaming Day and Month Pass
Argentina Egypt Luxembourg Slovak Rep.
Austria Estonia Macau Slovenia
Bangladesh Fiji Macedonia Solomon Islands
Belarus Finland Malaysia South Africa
Belgium France Mexico South Korea
Brazil Germany Nauru Spain
Brunei Greece Netherlands Sri Lanka
Bulgaria Hong Kong New Zealand Sweden
Cambodia Hungary Norway Switzerland
Canada India Papua New Guinea Taiwan
Chile Indonesia Philippines Thailand
China Ireland Poland Turkey
Colombia Israel Portugal Ukraine
Croatia Italy Qatar UAE
Cyprus Japan Romania UK
Czech Republic Laos Russia USA
Denmark Latvia Saud Arabia Uruguay
Ecuador Lithuania Serbia Vanuatu
    Singapore Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions: International Roaming Day and Month Pass

Protect your iPhone with AppleCare+

AppleCare+ for iPhone provides expert technical support and additional hardware coverage from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.[1] Plus you’ll get 24/7 priority access to Apple experts through[2]

AppleCare+ benefits are in addition to any legal rights provided by Australian consumer law. For details, see

AppleCare+ Key Features

Hardware coverage that even covers accidents

Up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months, each subject to a service fee of A$45 for screen damage, or A$149 for any other damage[1]

AppleCare+ covers accidental damage

Same-day service in most major metropolitan areas worldwide[3]

Service and support, all in one stop

24/7 priority access through and express replacement service[4]

Answers to all your Apple software questions

Software support for Apple-branded iOS apps such as FaceTime, Mail and Calendar

Direct access to Apple experts by chat or phone

Accidental damage protection, and 24/7 priority tech support through from the people who know your iPhone best

Frequently Asked Questions: Apple Care+

AppleCare+ Disclaimers 

[1] Coverage is available only for iPhone and its original included accessories, for protection against (i) batteries that retain less than 80 per cent of their original capacity, and (ii) up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling every 12 months, each subject to a service fee of A$45 for screen damage, or A$149 for any other damage. Any unused incidents will expire after 12 months of coverage and you will get two more incidents to use within the next 12 months of continued coverage. Replacement equipment that Apple provides as part of the repair or replacement service may be new or equivalent to new in both performance and reliability. Coverage begins on your AppleCare+ purchase date.

[2] Local call charges may apply. Telephone numbers and hours of operation may vary and are subject to change. Service coverage may be subject to certain restrictions.

[3] Same-day service availability and options may vary by region and iPhone model. For international service, Apple may repair or replace your iPhone and iPhone parts with a comparable iPhone model or parts that comply with local standards. Service coverage is subject to the AppleCare+ terms and conditions. For complete details, see

[4] Express Replacement Service is not available under the screen replacement service fee. 

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