Access for Everyone

Telstra cares about keeping you connected with the people you love and the support you need, even when times are tough.

Because everyone’s circumstances are different, we offer a wide range of service options to help keep you connected, whether you are:

The Access for Everyone program is designed to assist people on a low income or facing financial hardship to maintain telecommunications access.

We have a range of measures to improve the affordability of telecommunications including the InContact® service, improved billing and pricing options and the Pensioner Discount Scheme.

Telstra’s Access for Everyone Low-Income Package and Marketing Plan identifies the target audience and products and services to help these people access communications.

See how we work with the Salvation Army to keep those who are in need connected


Low Income Measures Assessment Committee (LIMAC)

We‘ve established an independent committee to advise how we can provide services to customers on low incomes. LIMAC includes representatives from community welfare agencies:

Each year LIMAC commissions independent research among low-income consumers in relation to Telstra’s Access for Everyone programs. These research reports from 2003 to the present are available online for use only in non-commercial academic or social research.

View reports

Products and solutions

The categories below will help you find products and solutions to suit your needs. You can also check our A–Z Products & Solutions listing.

Reducing Unwanted Calls

If you require ways to minimise unwanted calls, here are some suggestions;

We recognise that sometimes unforeseen events in your life may affect your ability to pay for services you have used. We offer a range of payment and service options so you can stay connected:

Everyone uses their phone differently. For this reason we offer a variety of services that can help you keep in control of the amount you spend on your phone services:

We’re committed to making communication accessible and affordable for all our customers with communication challenges, including older customers and customers with disability.

For information about our products, services and initiatives for customers with disability view our disability services content.

We’re committed to making our products and services affordable and accessible to people who live in remote Indigenous communities: