About the program

The Access for Everyone program was designed to assist people on a low income or facing financial hardship to maintain telecommunications access.

We have a range of measures to improve the affordability of telecommunications. This includes our InContact service, improved billing and pricing options, and the Pensioner Discount Scheme.

Our Access for Everyone Low-Income Package and Marketing Plan, identifies those in need and matches products and services to help them maintain access to telecommunications.

Products and solutions

Explore our offerings to find the products and solutions that will help you stay safely connected. Or check out our A-Z Products & Solutions listing.

Information for community agencies

Telstra offers programs with not-for-profit community organisations to help keep people connected. Find out how your community organisation can get involved.

More options to stay connected

Staying safely connected

We understand how disruptive unwanted calls can be. If you need advice on minimising these calls, we have some suggestions.

Affordable options

Everyone uses their phone differently. We offer a variety of services tailored to help you stay in control of the amount you spend on your services.

People with a disability

We’re dedicated to making communication accessible and affordable to all our customers with a disability, including older or disadvantaged customers.

Remote indigenous communities

We’re committed to making our products and services affordable and accessible to people who live in remote Indigenous communities.

Working together to help one another

Working with representatives from Australian community welfare agencies, we’ve established the Low Income Measures Assessment Committee (LIMAC), an independent body that gives advice on how best to support customers on low incomes.

LIMAC and Telstra regularly commission independent research among low-income customers. These research reports can be made available for use in non-commercial academic or social research.

Help is only a call away

You can discuss your situation at any time of the day or night. Just call 13 22 00 and say “hardship”.