Yes, you can pay Telstra for a mobile handset or tablet in monthly instalments if you sign up to a Device Payment Contract (DPC) with an eligible Telstra Upfront or Telstra post-paid plan. This is available to new or existing Telstra customers.

A DPC lets you pay off your eligible mobile or tablet in interest-free monthly repayments over 12, 24 or, for eligible devices, 36 months.

Some devices may not have a 36-month repayment option. 

A DPC can only be used to pay off your phone or tablet; your plan is billed separately. 

With our Telstra Upfront Plans, your DPC may include a discount directly off the device price when eligible. With older post-paid mobile plans, you may receive a Device Plan Discount, which reduces the cost of your Device Payment Contract while you have that mobile plan. If you cancel the mobile plan, you’ll no longer receive the Device Plan Discount and will need to pay the remaining DPC payments in full.

Check your remaining DPC balance. If you’d like to proceed with cancelling your service, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

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