What is a Blue Tick device?

For the best possible voice coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network in regional and rural locations, choose a mobile phone with our ‘Blue Tick’.

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    Blue Tick

    Phones with a Telstra Blue Tick provide superior voice coverage and are recommended for use by customers who live and work in rural areas.

    Australia’s vast and unique geography requires mobile devices that could provide the best possible experience to customers in metro areas as well as the bush.

    About Telstra's Blue Tick

    • Telstra’s Blue Tick signifies that a mobile device has been thoroughly tested and delivers superior voice coverage in rural and regional areas.
    • It was established by Telstra 10 years ago to help regional customers choose the phone that would provide them with the best voice coverage experience.
    • Devices are tested for receiver sensitivity in a laboratory under controlled conditions and in rural areas on the Telstra Mobile Network, ensuring optimal call quality for customers.
    • Up to now, Telstra’s Blue Tick had only been tested for calls over a 3G service. With the transition of voice calls to 4G technology (VoLTE) we’ve extended it to 4GX service.

    We currently offer up to 15 Blue Tick devices to be purchased outright, on repayment, or on a plan. Take a look at our Blue Tick devices.

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