How do I set up port forwarding on my modem?

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    To manually set up or change the ‘Port Forwarding’ settings on your modem:

    1. Sign in to your modem and select WAN Services or Services, then Port Forwarding.  (It may be under Advanced then Firewall)
    2. Select Add new IPv4 (or IPv6) port mapping
    3. Enter a name for the port forward, select the ProtocolDestination port and Destination IP address for the forward
    4. Choose the plus (+) icon to Save the port forward.

    See more information on how to access and change your modem settings.

    What is port forwarding?

    Port forwarding refers to the ability to manually map devices and applications inside your home network, so that external services on the internet can access them.  For example, your home security camera being viewable when away, from its mobile app.

    When communicating over the internet a virtual data connection is established using a combination of the IP addresses, "ports" and the type of internet protocol being used.

    1. When connecting out to internet hosted content, applications like web browsers negotiate and set up what virtual port to communicate over automatically.
    2. When connecting in to the devices inside your network, from outside your home, your modem needs to know about the devices you want to be made accessible from the internet.

    Some devices automatically advertise themselves to your modem for the outside connections, but some security cameras, gaming consoles and smart home devices may need manual configuration to make them accessible from outside your network.

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