Troubleshoot an issue with my home phone

If you're having problems with your home phone that is connected to your connection box and/or modem, follow these steps to troubleshoot.

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    Check your connection

    1. Check for outages in your area
    2. Make sure all the phone handsets are hung up completely
    3. Ensure both ends of the phone cable are securely connected
    4. Check that your connection box, modem and phone all have power
    5. Try to call someone using a different handset. If you can get through, the problem is likely to be with your original phone.

    Home phones on the nbn network should NOT be plugged into a wall phone socket unless you're a Fixed Wireless customer with a landline connected to the copper network. If you're experiencing connection issues with your home phone using the copper network, please contact us.

    If you're still unable to use your phone service, it may be your internet connection. Please see how you can troubleshoot an issue with your internet.

    Check if your phone equipment is faulty

    1. Switch off all your phone equipment – including at the power points
    2. Wait 10 seconds, then switch them back on
    3. Plug one standard, working home phone into its connection point:
      • For PSTN phone lines, use the phone socket
      • For nbn® Fibre to the Premise on IP POTS, use the Uni-V port
      • For all other connections, use the green phone port on the modem

    Can I forward my calls to another number during an outage?

    You can divert your home phone to your mobile whenever you want with our call forwarding guide.

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