How do I view or print my bills or Pre-Paid tax invoices?

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    You can view, download or print off your current bill and up to the past 7 years of previous tax invoices, or bills in My Telstra.

    If you pay with AutoPay, you can also view past payments.

    If you have a Pre-Paid service, you can view and print tax invoice statements for the last 5 calendar months in My Telstra.

    Where can I access my bill or tax invoices?

    View your bills or past payments 

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Payments:

    • Request your tax statements
    • View your past payments
    • View previous bills.

    Print your bills 

    Once a bill is downloaded, you can print the PDF file. 

    Print a Pre-Paid tax invoice 

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Services.

    Good to know:

    • Tax invoice statements become available on the 4th of each month 
    • These tax invoices are only available after you've used your Pre-Paid credit or your recharge has expired, not at the time of recharge. 

    More bill queries

    No problem, we’ll send your final bill to you by post so you have a physical copy. Make sure your postal details are up to date in My Telstra.

    You can print your Pre-Paid tax invoice in My Telstra.

    You can also view your receipts and tax invoices in My Telstra.

    Good to know: Your tax invoice won’t be available until after the expiry date of your recharge because of the way GST is applied.  So, your invoice could take up to 12 months after you’ve recharged your service, depending on your recharge amount.

    You can download a receipt before your recharge has expired, and you can use it in place of a tax invoice if you follow Australian Taxation Office guidelines.

    If you are registered for GST, find out more about GST for your Pre-Paid service.

    The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has ruled that you can submit receipts from recharges and it will treat them as invoices provided you are GST registered, and you can show that the usage was subject to GST. The ATO ruling is available on the ATO website.

    How we apply GST to your Pre-Paid service?

    In accordance with Division 100 of the GST Act, we apply GST to each separate type of usage you make within the recharge amount and expiry time.

    Each instance of usage is assessed to determine how much GST applied at that time. Some usage may be GST-free and so none is added to those. This is why we're able to offer tax invoices for you to use through My Telstra.

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