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$799 RRP bonus value on selected Samsung phones.

Get a Galaxy Watch6 Classic 43mm (Black) when you buy a Galaxy S23 Ultra or Galaxy Z Fold5.
Offer ends 25 Dec. Redemption criteria apply. Redeem by 25 Jan. While stocks last.
[11:34] Khan, Faisal An open Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy S23 Ultra with S Pen beside a shape of an orange circle calling out a bonus gift. The orange shape contains an image of a Galaxy Watch6 Classic in Black with the text: Bonus. A Samsung Galaxy logo sits beneath the products.

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Explore the next generation of smart phones from the leaders in mobile technology. With innovations that make capturing, sharing and connecting easier than ever, you'll find a 5G phone to suit your lifestyle in the Samsung Galaxy range.

The Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra with S Pen. Text on image says: Galaxy S23 Series

New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Introducing the new Galaxy S23 Series. Have more epic to share with Samsung's biggest leap in camera and video technology yet.

Open up a more creative you

With the new Galaxy Z series' folding glass technology you can shoot hands-free, run multiple apps across screens and get creative whenever the mood takes you.

The Samsung Galaxy A34 5G in Awesome Graphite colour, A34 5G in Awesome Lime colour and A54 5G in Awesome Violet colour. Text on screen reads: Awesome 5G, Samsung Galaxy A35 and A54 5G

New Galaxy A Series. Awesome is for everyone.

Galaxy A has the essentials covered. Affordability and simplicity designed with the latest innovative smartphone features. A seamless design, a vibrant large screen, incredible camera capabilities and plenty of storage – all with the power of 5G technology.

5G rolling out now.

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Not sure which phone's right for you? Use this easy tool to compare Samsung models and features side by side.

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Add products that pair with your Samsung phone and do more of what you love.

Add Galaxy Watch6

Track your fitness activities and get personalised feedback to improve your health.

Add Galaxy Buds

Immerse yourself in cinematic sound with the ultimate earbuds. Then jump back to reality for crystal clear calling.

Why get your Samsung phone from Telstra?

Australia's best 5G

Do more, share more, watch more with your new Samsung 5G phone connected to Australia's largest 5G network.

Telstra 5G now reaches 75% of Australians and is available on selected plans with a compatible device.

No lock-in contracts

Our month-to-month plans with no lock-in contracts give you the flexibility to change your plan once a month. If you leave, simply pay out your device.

7 days price match

Find a better price within 7 days of receiving your new, eligible phone from Telstra and we’ll credit the difference to your bill.

Get rewarded with Telstra Plus

Earn Telstra Plus points everytime you shop with us or make an eligible payment and redeem them for cool stuff in our Rewards Store.

Frequently asked questions

To choose the best Samsung phone for you, think about how you like to use your phone. 

If you love capturing videos and still shots of your life as it happens so you can share with your friends, then the Galaxy S22 series might be the right fit. They all have the latest multi-lens camera and can shoot cinema quality videos. They're also 5G ready, with powerful 5G processing, so sharing and streaming is easy.

If you like a big screen to watch your favourite shows on but you still want to fit your phone in your pocket, you'll love the new Galaxy Z series with screens that unfold and give you an edge-to-edge cinema experience.

Browse Telstra's full range of Samsung phones and find the right one to suit your needs. 

5G is rolling out now, on selected plans only.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G has a large, high-resolution 6.8-inch screen that's perfect for high-definition entertainment. It's the biggest screen in Samsung's new S series

If you're after something bigger, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone opens up to an impressive 7.6- inch screen, which gives you a satisfyingly big cinematic viewing experience that you can fold away and carry in your pocket.

These Samsung Galaxy phones come with dual SIM included:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, & Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, & Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, & Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

Yes. The Galaxy S22 Series supports not only wired charging but also hassle-free wireless charging.  

All three phones in the Galaxy S series have Samsung's latest multi-lens cameras, which let you take brilliant snaps, shoot video in 8K and pull out hi-res stills of the action.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G also has a new 108-megapixel sensor, which allows you to capture extraordinary details – even at night. You can also zoom up to 10x, then up to 100x and capture shots you never knew existed.

Yes - you can purchase any Samsung Galaxy phone outright, or on a 12 or 24 month plan when you connect to the Telstra mobile network and add your device to a month-to-month plan. You'll see your purchase options when you select a phone and begin checkout.

How well your mobile phone copes with water and dust is measured with an IP rating (Ingress Protection), which is a universally accepted measurement. 

Samsung Galaxy S Series and Note Series phones have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP68, meaning they're water-resistant up to a maximum depth of 1.5m in freshwater for up to 30 minutes. So you can take them on adventures with you.

The IP68 Rating applies to Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra, Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, and S7 edge.

Yes, you just need to pair them with your phone:

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android device, and click on Pair a New Device.
  2. Bring your AirPods case close to your phone, and open the case - this will let the two devices connect.
  3. Your AirPods should appear on the list of devices you can pair with - tap the AirPods option to finish pairing.

If your AirPods don’t show up on the list, push and hold the button on the bottom of the case until the light between the AirPods flashes - this means they’re in pairing mode.

Pairing your Galaxy Buds to your phone or tablet with the Galaxy Wearable app is practically effortless. If you've already paired your earbuds with a phone or tablet, just open the charging case to reconnect them.

  1. To connect a new pair, navigate to and open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then tap Start. Place your earbuds in the charging case, close the lid for 5-6 seconds, and then open the case back up. 
  2. When your device is spotted, select it, and then pairing and setup will begin.
  3. When a pop-up message appears, tap OK to confirm the pairing.
  4. If you want to disconnect the earbuds from your phone or tablet manually, open the Galaxy Wearable app, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) and then select Disconnect (the icon may look like a chain link). If prompted, tap Disconnect again to confirm.
  5. These connection steps only work if this is the first device you are pairing with the Galaxy Wearable app. If you want to pair an additional device, open the Galaxy Wearable app, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap Add new device. Make sure your earbuds are in pairing mode by inserting them into your ears and holding both touchpads for a few seconds. Next, select them from the list of available devices

Here are some options for transferring your Apple phone’s content to your new Galaxy S21.

Transfer by cable

This is the fastest way to get your old phones content across to your new Samsung device.

  1. Open Smart Switch app on your Galaxy Device
  2. Connect your new Galaxy phone to your old iOS device via lightning cable
  3. When the iOS device has recognised the USB connection, Select Trust on the iPhone for permission to read its contents
  4. Select the content you want to transfer on the iPhone, then select Transfer at the bottom to start the process.
  5. On your Galaxy device, select the compatible apps you can download, and tap Install
  6. When the download is complete tap on next, then Done

Transfer via iCloudTM

Before you begin

  • You’ll need to already be registered on iCloud and using it to back up your iOS phone to use this transfer method. If you’re not familiar with using iCloud, visit the iCloud setup site.
  • You may also need to create an app-specific password because the iCloud server will recognise Smart switch as a third-party app.
  • Internet connection required. Data fees may apply.
  1. Launch the Smart Switch app on your Galaxy S22 and tap Receive Data
  2. Select iPhone/ipad, then select Get data from iCloud instead
  3. Sign into your iCloud account
  4. On your iOS device a two-step verification code will appear on the screen. Input that code into your Galaxy S22 then tap on OK
  5. Select the data you would like to transfer over then tap on Transfer
  6. When the download is complete tap on next, then Done

A wireless transfer is the preferred way to copy your data to a new phone. It's fast and lets you keep the phones plugged into their chargers during the transfer.

  1. First, make sure the Smart Switch app is installed on both phones, and plug them into their chargers.
  2. When you're ready, place the phones within 4 inches of each other.
  3. Launch Smart Switch on both phones. Open Settings, search for Smart Switch, and then tap Bring data from old device. Tap Bring data from old device again.
    Note: Alternatively, you can navigate to the Samsung folder on the Apps screen, and open Smart Switch from there.
  4. On the old phone, tap Send data, and then tap Wireless.
  5. On your new phone, tap Receive data, tap Galaxy/Android, and then tap Wireless.
  6. Next, complete the connection by tapping Allow on the old phone. On your new phone, choose the content you want to move, and then tap Transfer. Once the transfer is complete, tap Close on the new phone and you're good to go.

Your month-to-month plan may change (including price and inclusions). With no lock-in, you can change your plan once a month or leave. If you leave, just pay out your device, accessories or services in full.

Telstra 5G: Telstra currently offers 5G in select areas and is progressively rolling it out to other areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4G or 3G. Check coverage map.

4GX: The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all capital CBDs and selected suburban and regional areas and is progressively rolling out to more places. In other coverage areas around Australia, you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G. Check coverage map.

Typical download speeds in 4GX areas are 5 -300Mbps with category 16 devices, 5-200Mbps with category 11 devices, 5-150Mbps with category 9 devices, 2-100Mbps with category 6 devices, and 2-75Mbps with category 4 devices. Outside 4GX areas, you will switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G speeds. Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination. 

Month-to-month plans: If you cancel your service, you will receive a pro rata refund for the remainder of your month. If you have any device, accessory or service add-ons attached to your plan, you will have to pay any remaining amount owing on your next bill.

Device Payment Contract (DPC): You must have an eligible Telstra Mobile Plan in order to have a DPC. If you cancel your DPC early, cancel your mobile plan during the device payment term or move to an ineligible mobile plan during the payment term, you’ll need to pay out your device, in full. Device discounts do not apply to cancelled DPC.

Talk, Text and Data: Excludes calls/SMS/MMS to premium numbers, 12xx, satellite numbers, content charges and use overseas. 

Data usage: This plan comes with a data allowance to use in Australia. You won’t be charged if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, you can continue to access data up to speeds of 1.5Mbps. 1.5mbps isn’t suitable for HD video or high speed applications, and means that some web pages, social media content and files may take longer to load). In addition, heavy data users (users in the top 1% of all data users) may experience slower speeds than other users during busy periods. The speeds you actually receive may vary depending on a range of factors including your device, location, number of users and download sources. Your data allowance is for personal use in a smartphone or tablet in Australia only and the FairPlay Policy applies.

Compatible Handset: Compatible Telstra Mobile Network handset required. More info at

International Calling and SMS Pack: International calls are no longer included in any of our mobile plans. You can add an International Calling and SMS Pack to your plan for $10 per month. You can add or remove it at any time. Includes unlimited calls and SMS from Australia to standard international numbers in Eligible Countries. MMS is not included. Eligible Countries are Canada, China, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, USA and UK.

International Roaming: To use your service overseas, you can purchase an International Roaming Day Pass at $5 per day in New Zealand, or $10 per day in more than 70 eligible countries. Day Pass includes 200MB of data to use per day as well as unlimited talk and text. Usage expires daily based on AEST. If you go over your 200MB, we'll add an additional 500MB for $10 for use within 31 days. A Day Pass is triggered whenever a call is made or received, an SMS is sent or if any mobile data is used in an eligible country.

If you’re travelling to a country where our International Roaming Day Pass isn’t available, you can still use your phone at pay-as-you-go rates. For more info go to

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