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Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Series. Now available to buy outright or on repayment with an eligible service.
Five Galaxy Watch6 watches with bands in various colours. The face of each watch demonstrates features such as digital time display, body composition measurement, running analysis and heart rate, home display and sleep coaching.

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Explore the latest Samsung Galaxy watches range with exclusive features like advanced running analysis, personalised workouts and more.

Meet the Galaxy Watch6 Series

Enjoy the iconic, durable design featuring advanced health and wellness technology, plus connectivity to your phone to manage the world from your wrist.

Galaxy Watch6

From $649

From advanced sleep analysis to help improve your rest, to boost your fitness goals. Galaxy Watch6 lets you manage calls, notifications, reminders, and music all from your wrist.

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

From $799

Experience edge-to-edge stainless steel luxury on Samsung’s biggest screen yet with the Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Good sleep and good health go hand-in-hand, so rest easy with around-the-clock health tracking and a battery you can count on.


Galaxy Watch5 40mm


The new Galaxy Watch5 is designed to not only accurately track your fitness activities, but also provide you with personalised feedback to improve your health.

Or pay $24.95 per month. Min cost $598.80 over 24 months.


Galaxy Watch5 Pro 45mm


The new Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the most durable and powerful smartwatch Samsung have created. It comes with a powerful battery and a durable titanium case with scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal Glass.

Or pay $35.37 per month. Min cost $848.88 over 24 months.

Expand your Galaxy with accessories

Add products that pair with your Samsung watch and do more of what you love.

Watch and listen. Add Galaxy Buds.

Pair Galaxy Buds 2 with your Samsung smartwatch for that immersive sound experience straight from your wrist.

Take the call, without taking your phone.

Add Telstra One Number and get the freedom to talk, text, play music and more on your smart watch. Even when your phone's not with you.

Why get your Samsung watch from Telstra?

Australia's best 5G

With your Samsung watch connected to Australia's largest 5G network, you can go off the beaten track but not off the grid.

Telstra 5G now reaches 75% of Australians and is available on selected plans with a compatible device.

No lock-in contracts

Our month-to-month plans with no lock-in contracts give you the flexibility to change your plan once a month. If you leave, simply pay out your device.

No excess data charges in Australia

We won’t charge you for going over your monthly data allowance in Australia, but your data will be slowed.

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Earn Telstra Plus points everytime you shop with us or make an eligible payment and redeem them for cool stuff in our Rewards Store.

Frequently asked questions

If you love the timeless look of a classic watch face but you also want the very latest health and fitness tracking features, then the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is a great choice with it’s large screen and stainless steel finish.

If you want all the same cutting-edge fitness tracking features in a smaller but totally modern design, consider the Galaxy Watch6.

Browse Telstra's range of Samsung watches and find the right one to suit your needs.

Pairing your Samsung Galaxy watch to your Samsung phone or tablet is fast and easy with the Galaxy Wearable app. 

To connect a new watch, navigate to and open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then tap Start. 

  1. When your device is spotted, select it, and then pairing and setup will begin.

  2. When a pop-up message appears, tap OK to confirm the pairing.

  3. If you want to disconnect the watch from your phone or tablet manually, open the Galaxy Wearable app, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) and then select Disconnect (the icon may look like a chainlink). If prompted, tap Disconnect again to confirm.

  1. On your watch, navigate to Settings. Then, swipe to and tap Connections, and tap Bluetooth. 
  2. Verify the switch for "Bluetooth" is turned on, and then make sure the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, or Galaxy Buds Pro are in pairing mode. 
  3. Tap BT audio or BT headset, and then select the desired Bluetooth earbuds.

    Note: To put your earbuds in pairing mode, place them in the charging case. Next, close the lid for 5-7 seconds, and then open the case back up.

  4. Tap Settings icon next to the Bluetooth earbuds to turn on or off the switch for "Call audio and Media audio", or you can tap Unpair to unpair the earbuds.

Unfortunately, the latest Galaxy smartwatches are not compatible with iPhones.

No matter what nature throws at you - whether it's rain or puddles - your watch will be perfectly fine. That's because many Samsung smart watches and fitness bands are water resistant. 

Going for a swim? Your smart watch is always ready for a dip. Just make sure you turn on Water lock mode to prevent accidental touches on your screen. It will also prevent you from accidentally activating your watch with a wake-up gesture while you're swimming.

Yes - you can purchase any Samsung Galaxy watch outright, or on a 12 or 24 month plan when you connect to the Telstra mobile network. You'll see your purchase options when you select your tablet and begin checkout.


Since it’s a Samsung product, a Galaxy phone will have the most compatibility options. Just be sure to download the Galaxy Wearable app from the Play Store, and make sure your phone has the latest software.

  • Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Watch3: Phones with Android 5.0 and RAM 1.5 GB or higher are supported.

  • Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic: Phones with Android 6.0 and RAM 1.5 GB or higher are supported.

  • All previous models: Phones with Android 4.3 and RAM 1.5 GB or higher are supported.

The Galaxy Wearable app is the core for everything related to your Samsung smart watch. However, this app is only available on your phone, which means you need to connect your watch and phone together. Samsung watches are only compatible with certain Android and iOS phones - make sure your phone is compatible before you try setting up your watch.

Note: Your device may not be compatible depending on the region, carrier, or model.


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