The best and most convenient way to manage your Pre-Paid service is with the My Telstra app. You can easily:

  • Check your balance
  • Recharge
  • View usage and recharge history
  • Change your Pre-Paid offer
  • Download a tax invoice
  • Set up auto-recharge

You can also manage your account with My Account, or dialling #100#. To recharge your service, you can also visit

If you have tried to reach you have been redirected to this page. is no longer available, however you can easily manage your Pre-Paid service with the options below. 

Check out our range of self-service tools to see which one suits you.

  My Telstra app Telstra 24x7 app My Account Dial #100#
Check your balance Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Recharge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
View your usage and recharge history Yes Yes Yes    
Change your Pre-Paid plan Yes Yes Yes    
Download a tax invoice Yes   Yes      
Set up auto-recharge Yes   Yes Yes    

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