Activate and start my Pre-Paid service

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    How do I activate and start my Pre-Paid service?

    To get started with your Pre-Paid service, you'll need to insert your new SIM card into your phone. 

    To activate it, go to activate your service and follow the prompts. You don't need an internet connection or credit balance to access this page.

    Once your service is active, you may need to recharge your Pre-Paid.

    If you are new to Telstra, you'll need to finish setting up your Telstra ID before you can use it to sign in to the My Telstra app.

    1. Check your inbox for an email from us, asking you to verify your email
    2. You need to verify your email, enter your date of birth and set up a password. You can also choose to opt into our Telstra Plus rewards program
    3. You can sign in to the My Telstra app with your username and password.

    Frequently asked questions

    Once your order has been shipped, you should receive it the next day (if you place your order before 2pm), or in 3-4 business days, depending on your location:

    • In metro areas – we deliver the next day if you placed your order before 2pm AEST Monday-Friday. Add 1 business day if you placed your order after 2pm
    • In non-metro areas – we deliver in 3-4 business days

    If you want to transfer your existing number to Telstra, keep the SIM from your current provider in your phone until your service is disconnected. 

    1. On your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, go to activate your service
    2. Follow the prompts to activate a Pre-Paid service 
    3. On the Your SIM details page, select Keep existing number.

    Make sure the details you provide exactly match the details held by your current provider, such as the spelling of your name and date of birth. It can take up to one business day for your number to transfer to Telstra. You can keep using your current service while you're waiting.

    Your service with your previous provider will stop working. We'll also send you an SMS or email as soon as your number has been moved to Telstra.

    If you're using your own device, you should first check: 

    • Which size SIM card you’ll need. If you're not sure check the manufacturer's website or guide, or find a store
    • That your device is unlocked and compatible with the Telstra mobile network. Some devices are locked to other providers. You’ll need to contact your provider to have your phone unlocked and you may be charged an unlocking fee for this
    • That you have the correct data settings. These let you browse the internet, send emails or MMS. Many mobiles will have their settings updated automatically over the Telstra network. To find out if your settings are updated automatically, visit device guides or check the manufacturer's website.

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