From 15 December 2021, Telstra will no longer allow SMS & calls to premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers). This is also known as Premium SMS. Learn more about the changes.

Our new Upfront plans promise no excess data or call charges. This means that we don’t include services on Upfront plans that have additional charges, like Premium SMS.

What’s Premium SMS?

Premium SMS is a payment option that lets you receive content and services offered by companies other than Telstra (referred to as ‘third parties’), on your mobile phone or tablet. You agree to pay for it by sending an SMS to a premium number starting with ‘19’ (e.g. 19xx SMS numbers). You can still make calls to numbers for support services and charities from your Upfront plan.

Examples of Premium SMS services include:

  • casting a vote on TV shows
  • entering competitions.

All Premium SMS services include a charge from third party, non-Telstra providers. As Upfront plans don’t include third party charges you won’t be able to enter and pay for Premium service competitions or TV shows.

Is there an alternative to Premium SMS?

Providers may offer more than one way to enter competitions or cast a TV show vote. Instead of sending a Premium SMS, you may be able to enter or vote online. To find out more, go to their website.