What is SmartFix?

SmartFix will proactively identify there’s an issue with your service and attempt to fix it without you having to do anything.

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    How does SmartFix help me fix my internet?

    SmartFix proactively monitors the speed, stability, and connectivity of your service, and can proactively try to fix your internet connection. If we need your help, we’ll notify you via SMS or push notifications.

    Can SmartFix resolve everything without me?

    In some cases, we may need your help to resolve the issue. This could include simple steps like restarting your equipment and checking cables. If the issue persists, we’ll help you book an appointment to resolve it.

    How can I access SmartFix troubleshooting?

    SmartFix processes generally happen behind the scenes, but if we need your help with something we’ll send you a SmartFix link via SMS. Please ensure you keep your contact details updated in My Telstra or contact us, so we know how to reach you.

    The link we send will look like this: https://fix.telstra.com/deeplink?action=resume&incident=INC00000000.

    You can also download the My Telstra app to get push notifications about SmartFix events.

    Who is eligible for SmartFix?

    Customers with a Telstra Smart Modem (Version 1.1 and above) automatically have SmartFix on their service without doing anything. The Telstra Smart Modem provides enhanced monitoring and alerting capability which allows us to find and resolve issues proactively.

    Find out more about different Telstra Smart Modem versions, or upgrade to the latest Telstra Smart Modem.

    I keep having issues but SmartFix doesn't solve it for me. Why not?

    SmartFix detects issues affecting your internet connection but may not determine when there are issues with your home setup, like the internal wiring or local Wi-Fi. SmartFix will pick up issues where we’re confident a fix is required either by a fully automated process, or a process where we need your help to check a few things.

    Why did I get an SMS when I turned the power off on my nbn equipment?

    SmartFix will alert you when your Telstra Smart Modem goes offline, but there is unfortunately no way to determine whether your modem is offline due to an issue or was switched off on purpose. Please disregard the message if you’re not experiencing issues with your service. 

    How will I be contacted when a SmartFix issue is found?

    When an issue has been detected by SmartFix and we need to get in touch, the legal lessee on the account will be contacted via the mobile contact number we have for them. At this stage there are no notification preferences regarding whether these messages are sent or not, given we want to ensure we get your service up and running as soon as possible.

    What if I don't want to respond or troubleshoot, can I opt-out?

    If you do not want to respond or troubleshoot, that’s okay too. Please disregard the notification. If at any point you would like to engage with the SmartFix notification, simply click on the link. Your response may help us resolve the issue.

    Do I have to respond immediately? Or can someone respond on my behalf?

    We’ll generally wait 14 days to hear back from you before closing an incident. If you respond after an issue is closed, we’ll take another look at it. Anyone can contact Telstra on your behalf, but they may need to have your account information on hand and be prepared to perform some simple troubleshooting steps at your home e.g. restarting your modem.

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