What happens when I report a fault?

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    Before reporting a fault

    Before reporting a fault to us, it’s essential to check for outages in your area to be sure your issue isn’t part of a larger disruption.

    If your issue is an outage, rest assured we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible. There’s no need to raise a fault in such a case.

    If there isn’t a known outage, check out our internet troubleshooting steps to diagnose and resolve common issues.

    How to report a fault

    When you contact us about a fault, we create an incident ticket you can use to reference progress on the issue.

    A fault can be raised in different ways.

    You can sign in to My Telstra to check your service, run simple tests and automatically raise a fault ticket.

    You can also contact us to raise a fault and speak to an agent to help you resolve the issue.

    Sometimes we’ll see the problem first and contact you about it.

    What happens after a fault is reported?

    Often we’re able to resolve the fault quickly with simple troubleshooting steps.

    If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, we may also need to arrange for a technician to visit your home Find out more about technician appointments.

    Once we've confirmed a suitable time for your technician booking, we'll send you an SMS with the appointment details.

    We’ll contact you if any changes need to be made to the appointment. Changes can be caused by issues outside of our control, but we’ll work with you to get the job done.

    It’s important that you get in touch with us if we require additional information, or if you need to change your appointments.

    How do I stay updated on my fault?

    You can track the progress of your faults at any time through My Telstra, and the My Telstra app.

    We’ll also keep you updated via SMS or email, or through a notification in My Telstra app if you have it.

    If you haven’t heard from us in a while, check your junk mail and spam folders to make sure you haven’t missed an email from us. If you have a mobile, check if we’ve sent you any text messages.

    To check the progress of your fault in My Telstra:

    1. Sign into My Telstra with your Telstra ID
    2. Go to Get help
    3. Select My cases

    If you still need to get in touch, contact us.

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