What should I know about my technician service appointment?

If we’ve arranged an appointment for a technician to fix an issue at your property, here are a few things you might like to know.

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    Who will be coming?

    Depending on the issue, we might have arranged an appointment with a Telstra technician or a technician representing nbn® co limited.

    When will they visit?

    Your appointment will be scheduled in a four-hour window, for example, 8 am – 12 pm. It’s hard to be more precise than this because the technician could be coming from an issue that takes longer than normal to repair. Once they’ve arrived, most issues can be resolved within half an hour.

    On the day

    Make sure that:

    • The technician has easy and safe access to the area(s) where they’ll need to work
    • If you live in an apartment block, the technician may need to access the MDF (Main Distribution Frame – a box normally on the ground floor or outside your building) or Communication Room (a room where all the internal cabling is found). You may need to organise this with your landlord or building manager before the appointment
    • Special access is arranged prior to the appointment if your residence is in a gated community or apartment complex 

    There usually won’t be any fees associated with their visit, but if your equipment needs to be replaced they’ll discuss the options with you. 

    What if the technician misses the appointment?

    A technician may miss their appointment window because of traffic, illness, or a particularly complex issue before yours. It’s even possible they were able to complete the job without entering your home.

    We recommend waiting at least an hour after the appointment window closes before contacting us. This gives us time to find out what happened and update you if we can. 

    What if I cancel or reschedule the appointment?

    If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of the appointment, you may be charged the Call Out Fee but the Service Fee will be refunded.

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