How do I fix an issue with my mobile broadband device?

If you’re having issues with your mobile broadband device, these simple troubleshooting steps may help.

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    If you can’t connect or have limited speed

    Check the following:

    1. Your account is in credit in My Telstra, the service is active, and the SIM is correctly inserted
    2. Your device is powered on and awake
    3. You’re in a coverage area 
    4. Check for outages
    5. You’re close to the Wi-Fi and the device is connected properly.

    If these all look okay, help the device reconnect by turning it off and on again. If it’s a USB device, unplug it and plug it back in.

    “A connection to the remote computer could not be established” error message on USB devices

    1. Open Connection Manager
    2. Select Internet and Default
    3. Close and restart Connection Manager.

    If your Netgear Nighthawk® M1 can’t connect to the mobile network

    Log into the device at http://m.home or in a web browser. If the ISP Settings under Settings Advanced Settings > Cellular are blank, contact us and say ‘Mobile Phone Fault’.

    Still not working?

    • If you’ve lost your device username, password or key, it may be on the main screen of the device or under the back panel. Try using admin and password.
    • Your device needs to be compatible with the Telstra Mobile Network
    • If your device didn't self-install, install it manually with the help of our mobile broadband user guides
    • Telstra Pre-Paid devices are locked to the Telstra Mobile Network, so non-Telstra SIMs won’t work in them
    • If your Nighthawk is plugged into USB, make sure the Wi-Fi stays on by selecting Use the USB port for ‘Charge only’ under Router Setup in the Setup menu.

    If none of the above works, sign in to My Telstra to view further troubleshooting tips.

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