I've moved home, why has my connection been delayed?

Connecting a home phone and internet service can sometimes be delayed if the previous occupant hasn’t disconnected their service.  When this happens, your home internet connection order goes into ‘Connect Outstanding’ and you need to prove that you are the new occupant at the address. 

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    What documents do I need to prove I am the new occupant?

    To resolve the Connect Outstanding and allow the home phone or internet connection to go ahead, you need to prove you are the owner of the line at the address. We need to sight one of the following:

    • A document showing the phone number of the active service in your name, or
    • Proof of Occupancy document with your full name and service address:
      • Lease showing commencement date
      • Rental Agreement showing commencement date
      • Contract of Sale showing settlement date
      • A utility bill with your name and connection address on it
      • Letter of confirmation from a nursing home on appropriate letterhead
      • Statutory declaration from the property owner and the rent receipt from the new occupant
      • Letter from the real estate agent and the rent receipt from the new occupant
      • Letter from the real estate agent and the bond payment receipt

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    Whether you’re a new customer switching to Telstra or moving your existing services to a new address, you’ll find the answers on moving home.

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