Adblocker will block web-based Ads, Tracking and Malware on connected devices on your network. You can select which devices are filtered and which are not. You can also customise the blacklists to block specific websites.

By default, Adblocker will block most online advertising and telemetry domains with no extra steps needed.  The feature works by not responding to known advertising networks hostnames.  Due to the many different ways websites are designed and hosted, there can be adverse effects with Adblocker in combination with some sites or mobile apps that fetch website objects.  If you or others in your household experience problems accessing a particular website, you can disable Adblocker entirely by the DISABLE ADBLOCKER button or you can exclude specific devices from the Adblocker feature using the PAUSE button in the device list.

Adblock Bubble Chart

  1. Click Enable Adblocker to get started. Blocked adverts will appear as bubbles in real-time. Click a bubble to see the domains within.
  2. Click Pause to temporarily disable Adblocker per device, or disable Adblocker on a device entirely. 


Creating Lists

  1. If the website you want to access is blocked, add the website domain to a Whitelist.
  2. Find more advert lists online and add their URL to a Blacklist to improve blocking, or manually add your own domains to block.

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