Do I need a technician to set up my broadband?

In many cases, you can do it yourself by following the instructions in the Telstra Self-Installation Kit.

But if you have more complex requirements, you may need a Telstra Technician to come and help.

We recommend a Professional Installation by a Telstra Technician if:

  • You have a complex in-home or business setup with a number of devices to connect

  • You have connection quality issues

  • You need additional wall sockets installed

  • You’re a Medical Priority Assist customer

  • You only need a phone line

  • You’re not comfortable setting up your Telstra modem on your own


What does it cost to get a broadband technician out?

  • A Professional Installation by a Telstra Technician usually costs $240. Some exceptions apply.

  • There may be other charges, depending on work required.

  • Your technician will discuss the charges with you before completing the work.

    • This fee is additional to any standard activation fees.

    • For complex or non-standard work including additional connection points, Fee for Service charges may also apply. Your technician will provide a quote for these prior to doing any work.





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