Once you’ve placed an nbn order, you’ll receive an order number in your connection summary email. Use that number in our order tracker to check the current status and progress of your order. You’ll also be able to:

  • Check the delivery status of any hardware being shipped as part of your order
  • Reschedule your appointments

If a Telstra technician is booked in as part of your connection, we’ll remind you beforehand with an email or SMS.


What I need to know before the technician visits

Please ensure that:

  • The address that appears on your connection summary email is correct
  • Someone over the age of 18 will be home for the entire duration of the appointment

To view and manage your appointments, use our order tracker

On the day of the technician appointment

Make sure that:

  • The technician has easy and safe access to the area(s) where they’ll need to work
  • All the internal wiring for your property has been completed
  • A lead-in has been installed. If your property is new, recently renovated or hasn’t had a phone or internet before, you may need a lead-in
  • If you live in an apartment block, the technician will need to access the MDF (Main Distribution Frame – a box normally on the ground floor or outside your building) or Communication Room (a room where all the internal cabling is found). You may need to organise this with your landlord or building manager before the appointment
  • Special access is arranged prior to the appointment if your residence is in a gated community or apartment complex


  • If you have a Back-to-Base alarm or medical device on the premise, you’ll need to register your equipment with nbn. Find out more about device compatibility and registration
  • If you’re transferring your telephone service to Telstra from another provider, your existing internet service may stop working. You’ll need to disconnect your old internet service and order an nbn connection
  • You’ll need a power source that’s within 1.5m of the modem so your phone and internet can work on the nbn. If you don’t have a power point where you want the nbn connection installed, you’ll need to get a licenced electrician to install one for you



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