If your property already has an internet connection

In most cases, you can set up your home internet yourself by following the simple set-up instructions for your Telstra Smart Modem

You may need a professional installation by a Telstra technician if you:

  • have a complex in-home or business set-up with multiple devices to connect
  • have connection quality issues
  • need additional wall sockets installed
  • have Priority Assist 
  • only need a phone line
  • need help setting up your Telstra Smart Modem. 

What’s the cost of a professional installation by a Telstra technician?

A professional installation by a Telstra technician usually costs $240.  There may be extra charges depending on the work required. Your technician will discuss the charges with you before completing the work.

For complex or non-standard work including additional connection points, a fee for service charges may also apply. Your technician will provide a quote for these prior to doing any work.

Important: The professional installation cost is additional to any standard activation fees.

If you need a new lead-in connection

The lead-in is the physical connection between your home and Telstra’s network that allows home phone and internet services to be supplied to your property.  It’s usually underground but can be an aerial cable in some areas.

You may need a new lead-in if your property:

  • is a brand new build
  • has been renovated
  • has been knocked down and rebuilt
  • has never had a home phone connection.

If you need a technician for any of the above reasons, we’ll let you know at the time of placing the order. 

Depending on the network technology available at your address, we may arrange an appointment with an:

  • nbn co technician or,
  • Opticomm approved technician.

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