What forms of ID can I use to set up a new account?

All forms of ID used to set up a new account must be valid and current.

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    Pre-Paid service

    To set up a new Pre-Paid service, go to Activate a Pre-Paid service where you'll find the forms of ID you need.

    Setting up accounts online or over the phone

    To set up an account online or over the phone, you'll need to provide one of the following forms of ID with a photo and signature:

    • Australian driver licence – physical or digital
    • Australian learner permit
    • Australian passport.

    Setting up accounts in store

    You can also use the following acceptable ID combinations to set up an account in store:

    Acceptable ID combinations in store

    Combination ID type required
    1 One primary photo ID

    Medicare card plus 

    • One secondary photo ID.

    Medicare card plus either

    • Australian Government issued benefits card, or
    • Working with Children Card.
    4 Two secondary photo IDs

    One secondary photo ID plus either

    • Credit, debit or ATM card, or
    • Utility bill, vehicle registration or rates notice, or
    • Birth certificate or original birth extract.

    Acceptable forms of Primary ID

    Document type Description
    Australian driver licence Full licence with photo and signature
    Australian passport

    With photo, date of birth and signature

    Important: Some documents that look like an Australian passport are not acceptable forms of ID.

    These include:

    • Certificate of Identity (number begins with C)
    • Titre de Voyage or Travel Document (number begins with U)
    Australian or State Government issued Proof of Age or Identity Card only when combined with a Medicare card which includes the applicant’s name
    • QLD: Adult Proof of Age card issued by QLD Govt Transport and Main Roads
    • NT: Evidence of Age card issued by NT Govt Transport Group
    • NSW: NSW Photo card issued by NSW Govt Transport Roads and Traffic Authority
    • ACT: Proof of Age card issued by ACT Govt Road User Services
    • SA: Proof of Age card issued by SA Govt Dept for Transport Energy and Infrastructure
    • VIC: Proof of Age card issued by Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
    • WA: Proof of Age card issued by WA Govt Department of Transport
    • TAS: Tasmanian Government Personal Information card issued by Services Tasmania

    Acceptable forms of Secondary ID

    Document type Description
    Medicare card The preferred secondary ID option and the first form of secondary ID that will normally be requested
    Credit, debit or ATM card

    Only Australian financial institution cards with your name and the financial institution’s name printed

    Important: Credit, debit or ATM cards are the last option if you are unable to provide any other type of secondary ID


    Birth certificate or original birth extract Important: If your name has been changed by marriage, you'll need to provide the marriage certificate as well
    Australian Government issued benefits card This can include Aged Pension card, Seniors Card and Disability Support Pension card
    Utility bill, vehicle registration or rates notice Must be less than six months old
    Australian issued shooters or firearms licence Must include photograph
    Australian Post Key-pass 18+ card Must include photograph
    Indigenous ID card Must include photograph
    International passport Must include photograph
    Police or Defence Force ID Must include photograph
    Working with Children Card Must include photograph

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