Messaging Applications

Our Messaging Applications, such as SMS/MMS Access Manager, Integrated Messaging and Desktop Messaging, can help you stay in touch with large numbers of people at once.



Send and receive bulk SMS/MMS messages from your mobile phone or personal computer. This service is ideal for keeping staff members and customers up to date on your latest business activities.

You can use your own SMS and MMS enabled applications, such as your PC, to directly access our mobile SMS and MMS networks and those of other operators to send and/or receive bulk text and picture messages.

You’ll be able to enhance your business and consumer communications with effective job dispatches, permission marketing, reminders, consumer competitions and content provisioning, saving time and money. If your business doesn't currently have text messaging software, you may prefer Telstra Desktop Messaging, where the messaging application is provided for you.

Features and benefits

  • Flexibility - Three different ways of operating SMS Access Manager to best suit your business use: wireless access, dial-up access and SMPP access.
  • Productivity - Send large volumes of SMS and MMS messages quickly, safely and more efficiently from a customised application.
  • Lower cost - Competitive volume-based pricing structure.
  • Easy management - Keep track of your messages with the registered message function by opting for delivery reports (SMS final state notification).

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Powered by Soprano, Telstra Integrated Messaging is a suite of ready-to-use web-based software applications that allow you to use SMS, MMS and email to improve and automate marketing, operations, sales and finance activities in your business.

It provides you with a ready-to-use suite of web-based applications that can integrate with your business and provide direct access to our reliable and secure messaging network.

Telstra Integrated Messaging StaffMatch™

This is a work-shift fulfilment solution that can be integrated with leading HR and payroll applications. It automates the often time consuming process of manually offering shifts and managing workers’ replies.

View our StaffMatch Brochure (PDF, 189KB)

Campaign Manager™

A mobile marketing solution that supports broadcast messaging and inbound response management, database creation and permission marketing processes.

View our Campaign Manager Brochure (PDF, 187kB)


An automated SMS reminder and notification solution. It issues appointment reminders and confirms appointments in real-time via SMS, helping to reduce the rate of absence.

View our Reminder Brochure (PDF, 137kB)

Emailer and Emailer+™

A tool enabling communication with a large number of recipients using email messages.

Mobile Authenticator™

Mobile Authenticator enables financial organisations and others to deliver one-time SMS passwords to their customers for online authorisation and payment transactions.

View our Mobile Authenticator Brochure (PDF, 108kB)

WebMMS and WebMMS+™

A simple but highly useful online tool for sending rich multimedia (text, image, audio and video) messages to contacts – simultaneously.

View our Telstra Integrated Messaging MMS Brochure (PDF, 170kB)

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Our complimentary Desktop Messaging software makes it easy to promote your products and services. Simply send group MMS or SMS messages at pre-designated times from the convenience of your own computer.

Features and benefits

  • Group messaging - For quick and effective communication with employees, customers and suppliers
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar - Send calendar-based reminders without the need for duplicated address books and save time with automatic appointment reminders
  • Cost-effective marketing tool - Send promotional picture or video messages to your business customers cost-effectively, without employing expensive third party services
  • Receive SMS and voice calls via a single number - Increase flexibility, responsiveness and communication results with Telstra’s Priority One3®, Priority 1300® or Freecall One8™ and Freecall 1800™

Pricing and rates

Standard Rates and Charges Pay-As-You-Go Telstra Desktop Messaging 20 Telstra Desktop Messaging 75 Telstra Desktop Messaging 150 Telstra Desktop Messaging 500
Monthly Access Fee $0 $20 $75 $150 $500
Included Message Credits* 0 86 357 750 2631
SMS (up to 160 characters) 25c 23c 21c 20c 19c
MMS (up to 100kb) 50c 46c 42c 40c 38c
Video Message (up to 100kb) 75c 69c 63c 60c 57c

* Please note that an SMS text message is equivalent to 1 message credit, an MMS picture message is equivalent to 2 message credits, an MMS video message is equivalent to 3 message credits.

e.g. A $150 Telstra Desktop Messaging plan would include 750 SMS text messages, or 375 MMS picture messages, or 250 MMS video messages. Combinations are permitted. Your included monthly message credits expire at the end of each month.

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Download the Desktop Messaging Software (Download charges for the software from your ISP may apply).

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