Mobile Identity Solutions

Boost security with mobile identity

Boost your organisation’s protection against fraud while improving user experience with our robust online account security solutions.

Telstra’s Mobile Identity solutions reduce fraud, theft and malicious attacks by addressing the full spectrum of online account security, comprising registration, access, usage and recovery.

Using proven multi-factor authentication techniques, our solutions also improve user experience by smoothing the log-in and transaction process, reducing the number of steps your customers have to take.

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Key Features

SMS and voice verification

Simply integrate REST APIs into your existing technology to provide account security to users with phone-based verification and two factor authentication over SMS or via voice calls.

Mobile app-based authentication

Integrate two factor authentication and transaction verification into existing native mobile applications with a simple Software Developer Kit (SDK) for iOS and Android.

Phone ID Fraud Prevention

Boost your organisation’s ability to detect fraud with near real-time assessment of a phone number’s attributes, usage and history, delivered via REST API and integrated into existing apps and workflows.


Get superior protection against fraud

Feel confident your business is protected based on our investment in security innovation. We own multiple patents covering two factor authentication, dual-code authentication and phone number assessment.

Improve your user experience

We protect your business by reducing fraud while simplifying the online sign-in and transaction process for verified customers, improving user experience and boosting usage of key customer schemes like loyalty programs.

Cost-efficient protection

We provide a simple, scalable solution that grows with your business, decreasing the time and money you’re spending on authentication and resets so you can focus on adding value.

Why Telstra?

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Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration experiences underpinned by our Next IP® network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

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Benefit from the best of global technology

Telstra partners with leading security providers to make sure your business gets the best the industry has to offer.

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Support you can rely on

Get the peace of mind you’ll get the help you need with dedicated business and enterprise support, wherever you are.

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