Telstra Plus™ FAQs

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What is Telstra Plus?

Telstra Plus is our new program that rewards and recognises you for being with us. As a customer with a Telstra Plus membership, you can earn points based on your eligible spend. You can use your points towards discounts on products in the Rewards Store.

You can also access great membership benefits depending on your tier, such as discounted movie tickets, pre-sales to concerts and more.

Does it cost anything to join Telstra Plus?

You can join Telstra Plus at today with no joining fees.

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What happens if I forget my Telstra ID username or password?

You need a Telstra ID to join Telstra Plus and access your membership benefits.

Retrieve your Telstra ID username

Reset your Telstra ID password

How long does it take for points that I earn to appear in my points balance?

Your Telstra Plus Points will be automatically added to your points balance, typically between two and four business days from the time that Telstra receives your payment (approximately seven days in total).

How do I track the progress of my order?

Once we’ve dispatched your order, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email or SMS from us.

We’ll keep you updated about your parcel’s status and estimated delivery time via SMS or email

Joining Telstra Plus

How do I join Telstra Plus?

Anyone over 18 with an active consumer (personal) Telstra service who has a Telstra ID can join Telstra Plus. Excludes business customers.

If you are not the account holder or a full authority representative (i.e.; you’re a limited authority representative), you will need to ensure the account holder or a full authority representative joins first.

You can join Telstra Plus with your Telstra ID.

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Don’t have a Telstra ID?

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Please allow up to 24 hours for your Telstra ID to be activated before you can join Telstra Plus.

Telstra Plus Memberships

Can I take out a membership for all my family's services/accounts?

Membership is at your overall account level.

You may have multiple bills linked to your Telstra customer account, these will be shown on your Telstra ID, and all billing accounts will be included in your membership.

If you have all of your family’s services on your existing accounts, linked to your Telstra ID, this will automatically mean they are included in your membership.

If your family has accounts in their own names you will need to change the ownership into your name to include them in your membership and increase your membership tier.

If you complete a Change of Ownership, you will become the Owner of these services and will be legally liable for any charges incurred on the bill.

I have multiple personal (consumer) accounts and Telstra IDs, can I combine them so I can get on a higher tier?

You can combine your Telstra services onto one Telstra Plus account and any future eligible spend across your combined services will count towards assessing your membership tier.

Any old spend across your Telstra services (i.e. spend that happened before you joined Telstra Plus and before your accounts were consolidated) will not count towards the assessment of your membership tier.

You will need to contact us to consolidate your accounts onto one Telstra ID.

If you are not currently the owner of the services but want to include them into your membership you can

  • Add accounts that you are authorised on to view and use membership benefits
  • Complete a Change of Ownership to change the services into your name. You will become the Owner of these services and will be legally liable for any charges incurred on the bill.

To consolidate your accounts, you can complete a change of ownership request, or call us on 13 20 00.

Can everyone on the account redeem rewards?

Only the account holder and full authority representatives are able to use the points.

How do membership tiers work?

Membership tiers are different levels of membership in the Telstra Plus rewards program. The more you spend with us, the higher your tier, and the more benefits you receive.

Member is our entry level tier, followed by Silver and Gold.

For existing customers, your initial tier is based on your eligible spend in the last 12 months with Telstra. 

If you are new to Telstra you will start the program at Member tier and as long as you are in the rewards program you will move up if your account spend hits a certain level in your membership year.

Your membership year is 12 months starting from the date you join Telstra Plus.

Spend level per tier to qualify are as follows:

  • Member Tier - less than $1499.99 annual eligible account spend per membership year
  • Silver Tier - $1500-$2999.99 annual eligible account spend per membership year
  • Gold Tier - $3000 and above annual eligible account spend per membership year

You can move to a higher tier at any point within your membership year, as long as you meet the eligible spend criteria. 

When you do move to a higher tier, you will remain on that tier for the remainder of your membership year, and the following membership year.

Moving down tiers

If your eligible spend for a full membership year is lower than the minimum spend level for your current tier, you will move down to the tier based on your eligible spend in your following membership year.

What does “limited authority” mean?

The account holder can choose the level of access another person has on the account. The account holder can give either full authority or limited authority to another person.

Limited authority representatives cannot activate certain Telstra Plus membership benefits or use points to redeem rewards.

Learn more about account access >

Telstra Plus Points

How do I earn points? How many points will I get?

You will be rewarded with points based on your account spend every month. You will get 10 points for every $1 of eligible spend.

From time to time we’ll let you know about other ways that you can earn points.

Note: some exclusions apply on your account spend such as outright purchases, credits, refunds and late payment fees. See Telstra Plus Terms and Conditions.

How do I redeem my points for a reward?

Visit the Telstra Plus Rewards Store to view our range of rewards.

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What is eligible spend?

Eligible spend is defined as money spent on the following products and services:

a) paying your monthly bill for your Telstra services (after any discounts or refunds are applied);

b) recharging your Telstra prepaid service;

c) buying a mobile handset or hardware from Telstra through monthly instalment payments                                                                                       

Note: some exclusions apply on your account spend such as outright purchases, credits, refunds and late payment fees. See Telstra Plus Terms and Conditions

Can I use points on my current repayment/subscription product?

No, points cannot be used on existing repayments and products or services on your Telstra bill.

When do my points expire?

Points expire three years from the date you earned them.

How can I see my points?

You can view your points by logging in to My Account, at, or though the 24x7® app under Offers.

View my points balance

How long does it take for points that I earn by paying my bill to appear in my points balance?

Once we receive your payment, it typically takes between two and four business days from the time that Telstra receives your payment (approximately seven days in total).

View my points balance

How long does it take for bonus points to appear in my points balance?

Bonus points you earn from special offers may take up to 14 days to appear in your points balance.

View my points balance

What happens if I am refunded a payment?

Your points will be recalled for the refunded amount. If you have spent the points then your points balance may go into negative. 

Can I transfer my points with friends and family?

You can transfer your Telstra Plus points to another legitimate Telstra account that has joined Telstra Plus, as long as you are the account holder or a full authority representative. Contact us on 13 22 00 to arrange a points transfer.

Membership benefits

What are Telstra Plus Benefits?

Customers who join Telstra Plus will have access to exciting membership benefits such as discounted tickets, entertainment extras on us and VIP services.

The benefits you will have access to are based on your membership tier.

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Who can access membership benefits?

Anyone who has joined Telstra Plus can access and enjoy Member tier benefits. Only the account holder or full authority representative can access Silver and Gold tier benefits.

Do my benefits expire?

Your membership benefits are available to enjoy within your membership year.

Some benefits may be available to use multiple times, others can only be activated once per membership year and may have expiry terms. These benefits may become available to you again in your next membership year.

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How do I access discounted tickets?

You can access Telstra Plus tickets either through the Offers tab in the Telstra 24x7® app, or directly through

How do I access 24/7 tech support by Telstra Platinum®?

If you have a Silver or Gold tier membership and are not already a Telstra Platinum® customer, you can access tech support benefit by calling 13 22 00 and asking for "Tech Support".

Customers with an existing Telstra Platinum Service Subscription can contact Telstra Platinum via your usual preferred method.

Rewards Store

There’s a problem with my reward, how do I get help?

If you’ve discovered a problem or fault with your reward, please get in touch with us to discuss.

If a reward is faulty, you can return it for a refund or replacement.

Please choose carefully as we do not offer refunds if you change your mind.

Call us on 13 22 00

If I redeem a reward, will my points be deducted immediately?

We aim to deduct your points within 2 business days from the date of your purchase.

Does my reward come with warranty?

Rewards may have a manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to any manufacturer’s warranty, you also have rights under the Australian Consumer Law called consumer guarantees. 

We do not offer extended warranties for rewards available on the Rewards Store.

Will I earn points on my Rewards Store transaction?

You will not earn points on your transaction when you redeem using a points-only payment method or the Points + Outright payment method.

When you choose to pay with Points + Repayment Option, your repayments will be spilt over an agreed monthly term (or as otherwise agreed). Each time you pay your monthly bill you will receive points for eligible spend

What are acceptable payment methods for the rewards store?

For outright payments, you can pay online via accepted cards (MasterCard, VISA & AMEX) and with accepted cards and cash in-store.

Items that are available to be redeemed by Points + Outright and Points + Repayment Option will have a minimum number of points required.

For Points + Repayment Option, you can use standard payment methods to pay your Telstra bill including accepted credit cards (MasterCard, VISA & AMEX), bank account details or PayPal.

We do not offer layby at the Rewards Store.

Where do I find the Telstra Plus Rewards Store terms and conditions?

How do I track the progress of my order?

Once we’ve dispatched your order, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email or SMS from us with a tracking link so you can check your parcel’s status via our courier’s website.

We’ll also keep you updated about your parcel’s status and estimated delivery time via SMS or email. Or you can check it yourself with our online order tracker.

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Do I need to have registered delivery for an item I have ordered, or can I choose authority to leave?

Some items we deliver can be left at your premises when you’re not there, if the courier considers it’s safe to leave them.

However, there are things we can’t leave when you’re not there, such as mobile handsets, SIM cards and tablets. 

Can I pick up my reward in person at a Telstra store?

We do not have a click and collect option on the online Rewards Store.

You can order a reward in-store at a Telstra Shop if stock is available in-store. Please check with your local Telstra Shop for available rewards. 

Where can I have my Reward delivered?

You can choose the address and contact you would like to have your order delivered to at time of purchase.

The Telstra Plus Rewards Store will only deliver to addresses within Australia. We do not deliver to PO Boxes, Rural Mail Boxes (RMB), Locked Bags or overseas.

Please remember that rewards such as mobile handsets and tablets require a signature and proof of ID (of the purchaser) upon delivery.

Points + Pay options

What are the Points + Pay options?

Points Only


You can redeem a reward with just your points.


Points + Pay

Select rewards do not need to be redeemed completely with points. You can use Points + Pay to combine some points with an acceptable payment method (such as a credit card) to get your reward faster.

You can choose the combination of points and payment on the reward detail page before you redeem.

Points + Repayment Option


Points + Repayment Option allows the account holder to pay the monetary component over a repayment term in equal monthly instalments. Points + Repayment Option will be available on selected rewards only and to eligible customers. The Account Holder will also require an existing active Telstra consumer service plan.

The account holder will select the eligible reward and choose the amount of points they would like to use towards payment. The account holder can then select Repayment Option, and the repayment term for the monetary portion of the transaction.

The repayment term will be added to the account holder’s Telstra bill, therefore they will earn points when they make a payment.

Not all items are available with a repayment option.

Prepaid customers are not eligible for Points + Repayment Option.

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I don’t have enough points for a reward, can I pay the difference?

You will be able to redeem some Rewards with Points + Pay. Points + Pay gives you the opportunity to use points and pay the difference with money.

When you select a reward in the Telstra Plus Rewards Store, you’ll be shown a set combination of points and pay required to put towards redemption of that item.

You then have the option to select the combination of points you’d like to use by moving the slider which will also indicate the monetary component payable by an accepted credit card or debit card upon checkout. 

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If I refund my reward, can I choose to refund the amount in points only, or money only?

No, the refund will be a like-for-like reversal of what you paid.

E.g. if you paid 10,000 points and $50, you’ll get 10,000 points and $50 refunded.

Will I get a tax invoice if I use a Points + Pay option?

Yes, your tax invoice will be sent via email after checkout.

If you redeem your reward in person at a Telstra store, you will receive a tax invoice at the time of purchase.

Can I use a Points + Pay option to pay for shipping?

Standard delivery is free within Australia for online orders. 

What happens if I cancel my repayment term early?

If you select a Points + Repayment Option you will enter into the terms of a hardware repayment option (HRO).

 If you decide to cancel the HRO before the contract end date, you’ll need to pay any remaining device, handset and accessory payments associated with the cancelled service.

Why does it appear that I’m being charged twice in my bill?

You are not being charged twice. Part Month Charges (also called Pro Rata Charges) will appear on your first bill to cover any days you used your service before your next monthly billing period starts.

Part Month Charges may also appear when you alter your existing service in between billing periods.

What happens if I leave Telstra Plus while I am still paying off a Telstra Plus Points + Repayment Option?

As long as you continue to have an active consumer service with Telstra, and your Telstra account stays active, you will be required to pay the remaining Hardware Repayment Option (HRO) for the remainder of the term.

If you decide to cancel the HRO before the contract end date, you’ll need to pay the outstanding amount.

Is there a maximum number of Telstra Plus Points + Repayment options I can have on my account?

Yes, the maximum number of HRO’s you can have on an account is 5 (inclusive of any Points + Repayment Options).

Am I required to pass a credit check to take up Telstra Plus Points + Repayment Option?

Yes, you will be required to pass a credit check to take up Telstra Plus Points + Repayment Option. The repayment is added to your Telstra account as a Hardware Repayment Option (HRO).


Will you be collecting info about customers? What will you be doing with this data?

With your permission, we will collect and use your data in accordance with Telstra's Privacy Statement .  This includes using your information to tailor and personalise your Telstra Plus experience.

How do I leave Telstra Plus?

If you’d just like to stop receiving emails or SMS about Telstra Plus, you can manage your marketing and communications preferences in My Account.

If you no longer want to take part in Telstra Plus, that’s ok (although we’ll be sorry to see you go!). You can leave Telstra Plus at any time via or by calling 13 22 00.

Once you leave Telstra Plus and your membership neither has an account owner or full authority, you won’t be able to earn or redeem Telstra Plus Points or enjoy Telstra Plus membership benefits. Your existing Telstra Plus Points will expire. Any limited authority representatives may also lose their Telstra Plus membership. 

Keep in mind, if you have entered into a hardware repayment option (HRO) and decide to leave Telstra before the contract end date you will be required to pay any remaining costs associated with the HRO.

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