Pre-Paid Plan updates

Our plans are changing.

From 4 July 2023 most of our Pre-Paid activation and recharge prices are increasing and some inclusions changing. If you buy a SIM today, you’ll still get all your data and inclusions upon activation, even if you activate after 4 July 2023. However, if you recharge after 4 July, your options will change.

Same inclusions

You’ll still get data rollover and calls to overseas minutes.

Rollover on 7 to 28-day recharges. For use in Australia.

Same great network

Your Pre-Paid plan will still give you access to Australia’s best mobile network.

What's changing

Plans Current recharge value
New recharge value
Pre-Paid Mobile 2GB for $10
3GB for $12
7 days 
  10GB for $30
15GB for $35
28 days
  20GB for $40
25GB for $45
28 days
  30GB for $50
35GB for $55
28 days
  40GB for $60
70GB for $65
28 days
  60GB for $150
70GB for $160
6 months
  150GB for $300
165GB for $320
12 months
Pre-Paid Mobile Casual 150MB + 40min for $20
200MB + 50min for $23
60 days
  300MB + 80min for $30
350MB + 95min for $35
6 months
  500MB + 120min for $50
550MB + 160min for $55
6 months
  700MB + 200min for $70
No change
12 months
  1GB + 300min for $100
No change
12 months
Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband
10GB for $20
15GB for $23
14 days
  20GB for $30
25GB for $35
28 days
  40GB for $50
45GB for $55
28 days
  300GB for $70
No change
28 days
  60GB for $150
70GB for $160
12 months
  200GB for $300
220GB for $320
12 months

All for use in Australia. Included calls all to standard Australian numbers only. Download speeds capped at 150mbps on most recharges. Typical speeds will be slower and will vary due to various factors.

Frequently asked questions 

 From 4 July 2023, our in-market mobile plan prices will increase by between $2 and $20 per plan.  

Yes, you will be able to redeem all SIMs and vouchers purchased before 4 July 2023 for the value at which you purchased them.

Yes, you can recharge to a different data amount in the My Telstra app. If you recharge before expiry, you’ll still have access to your previous recharge inclusions, up to the original expiry date. Depending on which Pre-Paid plan you’re on, your unused data may roll over to use with your new recharge.

 Yes, a SIM with the old price can still be activated and used before the expiry printed on the packaging.

Vouchers purchased online  will change price from 4 July 2023 but you’ll continue to be able to purchase them as normal. If you’ve previously purchased a voucher at the old recharge value, you can still redeem it. Vouchers purchased from a supermarket will not be subject to this price increase.

Your auto recharge will stay enabled, and you’ll automatically be charged the new amount from your first recharge on or after 4 July 2023. 

We’re also making some changes to our auto recharge terms and conditions. These changes to the terms mean that the amount we deduct from your payment method for your auto recharge will change in line with changes to our Pre-Paid pricing. We've also included the right to cancel your auto recharge if your Pre-Paid service is cancelled by us in accordance with our customer terms. If these changes don’t work for you, you can cancel your auto recharge. Please note if your next scheduled recharge is less than 48 hours away, you'll continue to be charged the auto recharge amount.

Speed capping

Your capped download speed is the maximum potential download speed for data included in your recharge. Typical speeds may often be slower and will vary due to factors including location, distance from the base station, local conditions, concurrent users, hardware and software configuration and download/upload destination. Telstra 5G now reaches 80% of Australians. Compatible device required. For 5G coverage information, check our coverage map.


Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile

Unlimited calls/texts exclude satellite and premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), operator assisted calls (e.g. most 12xx numbers) and diverted calls. Roll over and access unused data when you recharge $10-$60 before expiry. Your unused data will expire if you don’t recharge on eligible recharges before expiry. For use in Australia.