Bonus broadband protection and parental controls.

With Broadband Protect, you can adjust security settings for your home internet, including blocking websites and setting up basic parental controls. If you don't have home internet with Telstra, you can browse our internet plans now.

How to get the most out of Broadband Protect.

Network Protection

Helps protect your home broadband from known cyber threats.

  • Network Protection is already enabled, no need for software downloads or installation.
  • It guards every device connected to your Telstra home internet from websites that host known malware, malicious content, scams and more.
  • Personalise Network Protection to your specific home and family needs.

Parental Controls

Use the Parental Controls feature to help keep your children safe online.

  • With one simple setting, you can help protect everyone connected to your Telstra home internet service from known inappropriate sites and content.
  • Set internet access times to help manage when the kids can go online in the home.
  • Set Homework Times which only blocks known social networks and gaming websites, but allows your kids access to the internet for study.

Personalise and manage your Broadband Protect.

Want to get the most out of Broadband Protect? Personalise it to your home and family. Choose your protection level via the My Telstra app or in My Telstra.

  1. Open the My Telstra app

    Use your Telstra ID to sign in. Don't have a Telstra ID? Register now 
  2. Go to the Services tab

    Select the internet service.
  3. Scroll to Broadband Protect

    Choose the online security feature you'd like to manage and select Settings.
  4. Personalise your settings

    View or change your level of protection.

  1. Sign in to My Telstra

    With your Telstra ID. Don't have a Telstra ID? Register now 
  2. Find your internet plan

    Select 'Manage plans & see usage'.
  3. Scroll to Add-ons

    Under Telstra Broadband Protect select 'Manage'.
  4. Personalise your settings

    View or change your level of protection.

Comprehensive security for your devices

Device Protect

All-in-one protection for up to 10 devices.

We've partnered with cyber security leader Trend Micro™ to bring you comprehensive antivirus software for compatible PCs, Macs, tablets and mobiles. It's all-in-one security for $10 a month. Plus your first 2 months on us.

2 months on us redeemable once per account. Available to Telstra consumer post-paid mobile or internet customers. No guaranteed protection against all risks. See details

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